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A Month-By-Month Guide To Making Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

The Telegraph

‘Stay Home’ doesn’t mean you can’t ‘Stay Adventurous’

It is becoming a familiar routine. Another impending school holiday in lockdown, another ‘Stay Away’ message from local authorities. Today, police forces in England’s popular southwest regions issued messages reminding people of lockdown rules during half term. “Devon and Cornwall aren’t going anywhere, please visit another time,” tweeted the Devon and Cornwall police. “We are in lockdown. We are closed. Please, please do not come,” said Alistair Handyside, South West Tourism Alliance chairman. So stay at home we must. But this doesn’t mean you cannot find adventure, wonder and variety close to home. One gateway to local adventure is through the medium of good old fashioned maps. Call me an anorak, but the other week I bought a copy of the Clapham Common Ordnance Survey map from 1870 to see how the local area has changed in 150 years. I

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