Diabetics May Not Qualify For Professional Teeth Whitening

It has recently been discovered that diabetics may not qualify for professional teeth whitening services offered by cosmetic dentists. This is largely due to the fact that gum disease is often experienced by individuals that have this medical condition. Medical professionals often refer to gum disease as “Periodontal Disease”. This occurs when an infection develops in the soft tissue in the mouth. This tissue assists in keeping the teeth in place. There are many reasons why diabetics are known to experience this condition. The main reason relates to how well the sufferer takes care of their condition. If gum disease is experienced, many cosmetic dentists will not agree to perform teeth whitening procedures.

Individuals that have a general lack of control over the sugar levels in their body often develop disease of the gum. It has been discovered that the circulation in the diabetic is nearly almost slower than that of someone that does not have the condition. As a result, the soft gum tissue has a high susceptibility of becoming infected. This, on top of the suppressed immune system that the diabetic is already experiencing is not considered to be ideal when it comes to professional teeth whitening treatments. Furthermore, diabetics often experience a high level of glucose when it comes to the saliva. This could increase the actual growth of any bacteria that is in the mouth area. Certain types of bacteria may not respond favorably to the strong chemicals contained in teeth whitening gels that dentists use.

Despite the fact that diabetics may not qualify for teeth whitening offered by cosmetic dentists, it has been shown that at home teeth whitening kits are suitable for this group of individuals. One of the main reasons for this is that the over-the-counter whitening products contain only mild ingredients. If a sufferer starts to experience any type of adverse reactions, they can simply discontinue use and recover quickly. If you are a diabetic that wants a bright, beautiful smile you can still experience it – you just may not be able to receive the treatment from the cosmetic dentist in your community.

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