Fashion 101: The Best Fashion Advice for Tall Men

If you want to do a Christmas shop, but you’re still not sure what to buy for your husband, brother, boyfriend, or father, there are plenty of options. For example, you could always go to a Christmas jumper shop and pick out a lovely Christmas sweater with bells that ring when you walk. On the other hand, if you want to buy them something they will wear, you could always opt for something to add to their wardrobe, especially if they don’t know how to shop for themselves. Or maybe you’re a man looking for fashion advice on what items to add to your wardrobe because you haven’t had the best luck finding items that compliment your height and body shape. Luckily, there are lots of fashion tips for tall men, and if you follow these, you’re bound to be able to find lots of stylish outfits to wear this Christmas season!

Simple Slim Fits

When it comes to wearing a suit and dressing a bit fancy, a slim fit will be your best friend. However, too much material can be unflattering and throw off your proportions. Therefore, play it safe with a slim fit, and when choosing a suit jacket, generally, one with two buttons looks best on taller men because it means that the coat and lapels will sit higher on your body, adding width in the top half of your frame. 

Love the Layers

As a tall man, rather than sticking to one colour, or keeping things simple, layer different pieces of your wardrobe to create a stylish look. Also, make sure to include additional accessories to add to the outfit. For example, you could layer a graphic tee with a flannel or denim overshirt and pair this with a canvas tote bag and a neutral peak cap. 

Learn to Live in Long Coats

Often people think that when you’re already tall, you shouldn’t do anything to add to this height. However, long coats look best on tall men and help to balance your proportions by creating a line between your shoulders, hips and knees. For this reason, every tall man should own a long coat, especially for this Christmas season. 

Create a Contrast in Colour

Creating contrast in your outfit by using colour is a great way to avoid looking tall and slim because you break things up instead of focusing on one colour palette. Instead, you can use textures, patterns, colour blocking and accessories to break things up and create contrast in your outfit. 

Jeans: Wide-Leg over Skinny 

Being of a much taller height, you do have the liberty of being able to explore and play around with different silhouettes. As a tall man, it’s best to avoid skinny jeans or pants, and instead, why not try a slightly edgier profile, such as pleated pants, paired with a tucked-in shirt and a crossbody bag? And because you’re avoiding skinny jeans, always wear wide-leg jeans instead. These balance out your height because they add width up and down, so avoid skinny and high-waisted pants at all costs and always opt for something with a slightly wider silhouette. 

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