Frequently Asked Questions – Dinair Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions – Dinair Makeup

Have you ever wondered what the Dinair makeup is like to use? Read on.

Question: Why is airbrushing better than traditional make-up?

Answer: With traditional make-up, you rub the make-up across the skin, which makes it very difficult to enjoy full, even coverage. Dinair makeup is applied by a unique airbrush that sprays a light mist onto your skin to give you flawless coverage. This coverage is effective at providing you with a smooth appearance and also conceals your blemishes such as acne and brown spots, as well as scars, and even dark circles under your eyes.

Question: I have to get ready fast in the morning. How long does it take to apply this make-up?

Answer: Dinair makeup is easy to apply. You can enjoy a flawless, gorgeous look in under five minutes. It’s just as easy to create a soft, natural look as it is to create a dramatic look for a special event. What’s more, this make-up will not run, smudge, or fade throughout the day, so you look great for over twelve hours. This is the perfect make-up for the busy woman on-the-go who doesn’t have time to mess with re-applying make-up during the day.

Question: Is it hard to learn how to use the airbrush?

Answer: It’s no secret that the Dinair airbrush and Dinair makeup are used by top stylists to give celebrities their perfect appearances on camera and off. So it’s not surprising that many people think the airbrush is difficult to use. When you order your airbrush kit, you will receive a complimentary instructional DVD, and you will also have access to over-the-phone lessons so you can master using this airbrush like a pro. Once you learn the basics of using the airbrush, you will love the gorgeous results you can create with this airbrush tool. You may even find yourself adding some colorful highlights or fun eyeshadow designs on your next special occasion!

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