From sunscreen to perfume, the best eco friendly alternative products

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Buy right and help the planet (Picture: EMERSON UTRACIK /

As summer grows closer and we find ourselves enjoying the great outdoors more, some of us might be starting to think about the steps we can take in our daily lives to make sure it stays beautiful for years to come.

Perhaps you’ve cut down on meat or taken the vegan plunge. Or maybe you’ve just been thinking about it.

Whatever your meat intake, rest assured that cutting back on cow isn’t the only way you can be more environmentally friendly.

Small changes like buying vegan perfume or plastic free sunscreen can make all the difference.

Here are our top environmentally friendly alternatives in 2022.

Faith In Nature’s 20l refills

The bottles can be topped up at home or via a local independent refill station (Picture: EMERSON UTRACIK)

The larger the refill the less plastic you consume, which is why we love Faith In Nature’s whopping 20l refills.

Not only are the brand’s products nice, sustainable and cruelty free, they can be topped up at home or via a local independent refill station, a list of which can be found on the brand’s website.

Buy 20-litre refills from £185 from Faith In Nature.

Ella Stretch Organic Cotton Rib Top

Sustainable fashion is your friend

Shopping for fashionable yet responsible clothes is becoming easier thanks to cool brands such as Ninety Percent.

This British label shares 90 per cent of its profits between charitable causes and the people who make its clothes.

Garments are traceable, made from organic fabrics where possible, and stylish, such as this Ella Stretch top.

Buy it for £55 from Ninety Percent.

Recycled Cocofloss

Minty fresh and ethical

We know flossing is good for our teeth but good for the environment? Maybe not so much.

But now dental disruptors Cocofloss are making their fantastically flavoured and refillable floss (strawberry, mint, coconut, orange) using 85 per cent recycled polyester sourced from plastic water bottles.

They aim to divert 500,000 water bottles from landfill by the end of April.

Recycled threads take 64 per cent less energy to make, resulting in 32 per cent less CO2 emissions and 94 per cent less water consumption.

Buy it for £8.40 from Cult Beauty.

Björk And Berries Eau de Parfums

Smell the goodness

Swedish eco-luxury brand Björk And Berries is shaking up the fragrance world.

Its Eau de Parfums are all vegan and use organic fermented alcohol made from waste of vegetable extracts from the food industry – such as sugarbeets.

Available in six different scents, all of the packaging is either PET recycled plastics
or glass.

Buy it for £85 from Björk And Berries.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios UVMune 400 Invisible Fluid

No plastic, all the protection

La Roche-Posay was the first brand to produce a sunscreen protecting against UVA rays and its new Anthelios UVMune 400 Invisible Fluid has a brand new filter, specifically designed to protect skin from the most harmful long UVA rays, which cause ageing and pigmentation.

And while many sunscreen formulations contain plastic, this one does not. Win-win.

Buy it for £13.50 from Boots.

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