Gemstone Globes – The Ultimate in Globe Beauty

Looking for the ultimate accessory for your room? A 20″ Opalite gemstone globe that stands on three legs of 24-karat gold will be hard to surpass as a beautiful luxury item to add to your home.

A gemstone globe is a work of art and when the attention to detail has been met you get this masterpiece. The striking Opalite oceans globe has individual gemstones cut for each of the 50 states of the United States and there are over 25 different semi-precious gemstones that are individually hand cut and precision hand-shaped to exactly replicate the shape of each country on the globe.

Available in several sizes for floor or desk including some as bookends, paperweights, and even clocks, these beauties are sure to catch the eye of any passersby or guests in your home, and you’ll love showing off your beautiful bounty to any who wish to gaze upon its shimmering surface.

The 3-inch Black Opalite globe with Rotating Antique Silver Table Clock makes an outstanding addition to your room. It’s elegant and simple lines will meld seamlessly into any décor scheme and add a sense of regal beauty to your library, study or living room. This gemstone globe is designed with a rotating table clock and is also available in gold.

Each of these globes represents hundreds of hours of work to hand-cut, hand-shape and inlay the gemstone countries. The efforts put forth in these globes create a beautiful piece of artwork that will grace your library, study or living room with elegance and style. The finished globe is 20-inches in diameter and the sphere rests in a decorative 3-leg gold base that is plated in 24-karat gold or antique silver to complete the look of elegance.

These globes go well in studies and libraries that have a classic look of dark, rich woods and leather furnishing. However the beauty of these particular designs is that they look equally as good in a modern décor scheme, minimalist décor scheme or even a French Country look with its rustic, cozy feelings can meld with these pieces beautifully.

If you need an accent piece or two that will carry your elegant design around the room, go for one or more of these beautiful gemstone globes – They will add both functionality and elegance to your room for years to come!

If you want a truly elegant gift for a new homeowner as a house warming present or you have a pair of newlyweds on your gifting list, a gemstone globe will make a truly jaw dropping gift that your gift recipient will enjoy for years and years to come. Who knows? You may have created a family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. Both young and old will be fascinated by these sparkling treasures that encourage them to explore our ever-changing world and unlock its mysteries. It has never been easier to inspire curiosity about our great planet and all of its many wonders on land and in the seas.

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