How to Choose a Hair Supplier For Your Hair Salon

So you are going to open a salon. Have you chosen your hair suppliers yet? Choosing the right vendor of your hair dressing equipment is a very important of your business. They can be very beneficial to you and help you build up your salon. Together, you and your vendor will form a team to make your business stronger and better. When you are looking for hair suppliers for your hair dressing equipment, consider these things.

How long have they been around? This is not to say that the slick, new vendor down the street isn’t competent, but an established company will offer you more stability and reliability. They are also probably better equipped for handling any problems that you may have.

What do their other customers say? If you really want to know how well (or how poorly) a company performs, ask its customers. Ads can say a lot of things, but when you start people, THAT is when you are most likely to start getting the truth. Talk to other shop owners about the hair suppliers that they use. Ask them questions about specific companies and see what kind of feedback you get.

Are their prices competitive? Of course you don’t want cheap equipment that is going to fall apart the first time that you use it. Then again, you don’t want to pay through the nose for hair dressing equipment either. Your best bet is to find vendors whose prices are competitive and reasonable.

Do they provide good customer service? Many people would rather pay a little more for a product and get great customer service, than get something cheap and have lousy or non-existent customer service. Your hair suppliers should offer good customer service, ready to resolve problems, help you with problems and make your job much easier.

Do they know their products? When a representative comes to see you, do you get a sense that they know their products well, or does it feel to you that they know little about what they are selling? Good hair suppliers know their products very well and can make recommendations to you if you need something. They should also know how to substitute products when one thing isn’t working for you.

Do they the industry? Good hair suppliers should not only know their own products, they should also be very familiar with the industry. They should know what the needs are within the hair industry and be able to respond to those needs with product and support.

Do they keep up with cutting edge technology? The beauty industry is always changing and evolving. Do your hair suppliers keep up with the latest breakthroughs? Do they visit you regularly and educate you on what is new and now? Or do they keep peddling the same old stuff and keep trying to fix the same problems with the same tired solutions.

Do they have the products that you need and want? Now, a vendor can be fantastic and possess all of the traits listed here and still not have the products that you need or want. In that case, they still aren’t of any use to you. Make sure that your hair suppliers have the type of hair dressing equipment that you want and need. After all, it is you salon. You should have the products that YOU want.

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