‘Is it fashion or is she just skinny?’ Plus-sized woman tests trends

Dreading the return of low-rise jeans? Well, the trend might be just for “skinny” people — or so says one plus-size influencer.

A popular TikToker took emerging fashion trends for a test drive — think low-rise and extreme cutouts — in a now-viral series that asks the question: “Is it fashion or is she just skinny?”

Content creator Emma Arletta attempted to style a low-rise maxi skirt on her plus-size body, aiming to prove some trends are simply geared toward women with model-esque figures.

“I really have seen no women my size rock a low-waisted maxi skirt,” Arletta says in a clip, which has racked up more than 950,000 views. “And now I know why.”

She fashioned the skirt below her belly button at her hip bones, just like the influencers online, but didn’t seem to be a fan of the fad.

While some users commented that she looks amazing, others weren’t sold on the in-vogue look.

TikToker attempts to debunk fashion trends on plus sized body
In a recurring series on her TikTok page, the fashion influencer tried to rock the low-rise maxi skirt trend.

“Yeah I tried it too … it’s a skinny trend,” one TikToker wrote.

“I’m still traumatized from the low rise trend [of the] late 90s/early 2000s,” said another.

Inspiration photos
Drawing inspiration from the internet, she wanted to try the trend for herself.

“Low rise anything is just a no,” agreed someone else.

“Yea I saw this trend coming back into style and said nah … I’ll stick with my high-waisted everything lol,” said another.

Arletta, who boasts more than 386,000 followers on the platform, regularly shows her followers everything fashion-related — from shopping hauls to trying viral clothing trends — all on a plus-size body.

TikToker tries trendy look
But when she completed the look, it was clear she wasn’t feeling the fleeting fad.

But as a fashion influencer, she’s committed to debunking popular fast-fashion trends, revealing if they’re really worth the cash or just another waning fad.

In other clips, she attempts to pull off looks popularized by social media, like Emma Chamberlain’s iconic flare yoga pants and zip-up hoodie look, Hailey Bieber’s silk streetwear set, the oversize monochromatic trend and even the revealing Poster Girl cutout dress, which Kylie Jenner once sported.

Low rise skirt
While other trendy outfits have been a hit with Arletta, she wasn’t sold on the low-rise look.

The vibrant, orange, barely-there frock also didn’t make the cut for Arletta, whose viewers said they didn’t think it constituted “fashion.”

“It’s not fashion but you look good,” wrote one user.

“I personally don’t like the dress at all on anyone but it looks good on you, if you like it wear it,” agreed another.

“I think you suit that color a lot and it’s a tricky colour to pull off,” said someone else. “The dress isn’t all it’s hyped up to be imo but u look lovely.”