Monday, May 23
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Makeup artist’s horror as her kids destroy hundreds of pounds worth of cosmetics

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A mum was left absolutely heartbroken after discovering what her children had been doing upstairs on New Year’s Eve.

Makeup artist Jaylynn Butler went into the bathroom to find that the kids had decided to play with her beauty products and had destroyed hundreds of pounds worth of cosmetics and skincare items – some of which hadn’t even been used yet.

Jaylynn, who lives in Wisconsin, shared the destruction in a video on TikTok, which has since gone viral.

Not only had they ruined the expensive makeup she uses as part of her business, they also caused a lot of mess in the house, pouring lotions, potions and even nail polish all over the sink and countertops and rubbing coloured eyeshadow into the carpet.

There were stains all over the carpet

In the first of two posts about the incident, the parent says: “How did 2020 end for me, you ask?”

She pans around the room, showing pink, green and yellow stains on the carpet and a sink full of wasted makeup.

The video was captioned: “This is what I get for being nice mommy. I’m a makeup artist so yeah I was a little distraught to see my hard-earned money in the sink.”

Thankfully a few of the products weren’t completely wrecked, only the outside of the containers were wrecked.

In a second video, the mum further explains what happened, while clearing up the mess.

She says: “Was the night of New Year’s Eve and my kids were effin busy. All of my makeup and skincare in the sink, destroyed.

“This is so heartbreaking. My heart is broken right now.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child… now I understand what they meant.”

A bathroom sink covered in mess where makeup has been destroyed
There was so much mess

TikTok users were horrified by the chaos, with thousands commenting on the videos.

One person said: “I would be sobbing my eyes out. Most of my beauty products I’ve had for months. You don’t just replace that in one day.”

Another replied: “Please return their Christmas presents and buy your makeup again… teach them a lesson. I’m so sorry.”

A third wrote: “I’d be heartbroken just hearing my mom cry like this. Moms don’t get a lot in this world so ruining something they love is a no-no.”

Others weren’t convinced children were responsible for the mess as it seemed too cruel.

“A child did this?!?! No way! Whoever did that had hate in their heart when they did that,” proclaimed someone else.

A different user added: “There’s no way kids would go that far. They put it on not destroy it. Someone did this to her. Poor thing.”

How would you have reacted in this situation? Let us know in the comments below.


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