Ordinary People Can Be Extraordinary Role Models

Media today is unconstrained when it comes to showering images and messages upon our children about how they should act, dress and who they should look up to. Even Disney productions for children, such as Hannah Montana, which any parent would assume would be a good thing for their children to view, has Hannah unable to comprehend the word “no” and dresses at times like a baby pro. These shows do come with an attempt at sending a valuable lesson, the pictorials and story line are the messages they are sending loudest and clearest. The message is that all children should strive to look and act like a movie star.

Kids have always needed a role model to look up to, someone who sets a genuine, good example for them to follow. Of course, TV stars and rock stars are more popular, and are certainly in everyone’s face with TV news and tabloids and the like, but they do not set the ideal example for our kids. Kids need to be aware that they are surrounded by ordinary examples of heroism in firefighters and police officers. These are the people they should take as role models.

Police officers and firefighters are generally everyday people, but to those whose lives they have saved and/or made better, they are far more than regular folks, they are unforgettable heroes. These courageous public servants dedicate years of their lives to keeping our country and its population safe. Their efforts make huge differences in the lives of countless people.

When many of these officers and firefighter leave the force, they look for another way to serve the public, since public service is such a part of their personal makeup. One outlet for utilizing their training and experience is to produce emergency vehicles for the government. These emergency vehicles include trailers such as FEMA trailers, SWAT vehicles, mobile crime labs, and more. Without such vehicles our country would not be able to assist victims nearly as well.

While a life spent working on the police force or fire station can be a career and life well spent for many, the step to create emergency vehicles takes a life well spent a step even further. Activities such as this are more than enough to classify any one of these men and women as a home town hero. There are others who can classify themselves as heroes for very different reasons.

These individuals are also very apt to be engaged in charitable giving that over the years has made a tremendous difference in people’s lives. They have supported children in Africa, various charities in their own communities and many children’s care and research facilities. True, they cannot cure cancer or provide everything people may need, but they make a huge dent in easing the suffering of others and in encouraging others to do the same.

The ideal role model doesn’t have to be a TV star you see everyday or an item you read about regularly in the tabloids. As people like police officers and firefighters have shown us so well, it is often the ordinary, everyday people who are ones we should look up to, the one’s who really make the best role models. The real role models for our children should be someone who gives it their best every day, and this is what these ordinary heroes do every single day of their working lives and after.

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