Oriflame Review – Can You Still Make Money With Cosmetics?

Oriflame is a market leader in the cosmetic industry and has been manufacturing different products for the global market for more than forty years. Originally founded in Stockholm in a cramped two roomed office, Orifice has grown into a global brand worth more than a billion dollars. The company employs over 8,000 employees in more than 61 nations spread across the globe. The firm boasts a network of more than three and a half million distributors and affiliates. This success story can be attributed to the large team of professionals consisting of scientists and doctors who head research and development facilities of the company. In total, Oriflame has five research and production sites in Sweden, Poland, Russia and China with a total of 100 scientists in these sites.

The company was founded by two Swedish brothers who were determined to develop products that could be used to improve a person’s appearance. Robert and Jonas Jochnick founded the company that later came to revolutionize the skincare industry. Instead of opening up retail stores to sell products, Oriflame took a different approach. The company used individual sales consultants to distribute and market its products. Originally, the company hired a few sales consultants to distribute cosmetic products in Swedish homes. Currently, the company has sales consultants spread out through all the continents in the world. Many people also earn a living by selling Oriflame products online to customers from different parts of the world.

The number of cosmetic products manufactured by this company is almost a thousand. Every year the company comes up with dozens of new products that are designed to meet changing consumer needs. The products that are manufactured by Oriflame are classified into six main groups. They are:

Skin Care – Most Oriflame products fall under this category. This is the main product category of the cosmetic firm. Oriflame skin care products go into mass production after extensive research studies and tests have been conducted to ensure that they are safe to use and their quality is of the highest possible standard.

Color Cosmetics – These products are made up of specially formulated ingredients that are designed to enhance a person’s appearance almost instantly.

Fragrances – Oriflame uses the best essential oils and essences to make different types of fragrances of consumer use. These ingredients are tested extensively to ensure that they are safe and of the highest possible quality.

You can make a descent income by working as an Oriflame affiliate. After signing up, you will be given a product samples, catalogs, guides and starter kit. Training is offered through the Oriflame University where distributors are trained on advanced network marketing techniques and public relations.

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