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Here’s an Extensive List on All the Best Memorial Day Fashion Sales
Photo credit: Martin Poole

Photo credit: Martin Poole

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In the shopping world, there are five major upcoming sales: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. And out of all of these v sacred days, Memorial Day is happening first (in just a few sleeps, people!), which means you can expect loads of delicious fashion deals.

The holiday occurs on May 31, but thankfully, most sales have already started waaay before the Big Day. Oh! And on top of having an early start, some brands did the kind gesture of extending their exclusive Memorial Day deals to the beginning of June. Yep, you won’t have to worry about shopping for all the things in just 24 hours! You’ll be able to take your sweet time looking through the different clothing, shoes,

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Zara Owner Inditex Saw Profits Plunge 70%. Here’s Why the Company Will Rebound.

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A woman pushes a stroller as she walks past a Zara retail store on Jun. 18, 2020 in Bergamo, Italy. (Photo by Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images)

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Zara owner


saw profits plunge 70% over the past year as online sales at the fashion giant failed to offset the raft of store closures caused by coronavirus.

Lockdowns and shoppers shifting from fashion to casual wear caused the owner of Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear to post worse-than-expected figures. But shares in the world’s largest fashion retailer were flat at €21.22 ($25.02) after the Spanish-listed company predicted 100% of its stores will be open by Apr. 12.

The back story. Inditex along with rivals




Marks & Spencer

have been hit hard by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Retailers with large store estates are still having to cover the cost of expensive rent despite

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Unused makeup attracts bacteria. Here’s what to toss or clean.

WASHINGTON – When one of Noëlle Sherber’s patients came to see her several months ago, dermatologist noticed that the woman had an eye infection. It was a small sty and easily treatable, but Sherber still wanted to know what caused it.

Sherber learned that the patient, who had been at home since mid-March, had recently put on a full face of makeup using products that largely had sat untouched for months after she, like many others, scaled back her usual beauty routine during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I asked, ‘How old is your mascara? Your eyeliner?’ ” said Sherber, a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and co-founder of Sherber and Rad. The woman, Sherber noted, had not purchased new cosmetics in a while and seemed to think that because she was not using her eye makeup often that it “extended the life span of the product.”

Even though many

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Here’s Why Fat Babes Are Reclaiming “Tacky” Makeup

During my third year of university, I spent a semester abroad in Madrid. It was there that I first saw Daniela, an older woman who lived in one of the flats around the corner from mine. Like me, she was a tall and broad fat babe with an interest in fashion. Unlike me, she wore whatever the heck she wanted, whenever she wanted to wear it.

Daniela’s love for loud, garish garments and makeup always seemed to triumph over any sociocultural expectations that she should do whatever possible to draw attention away from her mass. I’m sure she must have known that her looks would have precisely the opposite effect on passersby. I’m also sure this was intentional; a way to feel more in control of being seen. Fat people are always looked at, after all, and relentlessly dissected, criticized, mocked. Through her outfits and makeup, it was as

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This Woman Wore Makeup Daily for 22 Years. Here’s How Her Husband Reacted when She Stopped Doing it

a person using a cell phone: This Woman Wore Makeup Daily for 22 Years. Here's How Her Husband Reacted when She Stopped Doing it

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This Woman Wore Makeup Daily for 22 Years. Here’s How Her Husband Reacted when She Stopped Doing it

In misogynist cultures, women are often mocked for wearing too much makeup and at the same system taunts them for wearing little or no makeup. While, the choice of putting on makeup is solely a personal choice, it becomes a talk for people around us.

A dash of lipstick, a line of kohl is a basic makeup routine. And, when there is time at hand and a special occasion on the calendar, we tend to spend an extra hour to put that makeup on our face. But howsoever a woman might be a of makeup, doing it daily and not of your own will, it can be a daunting task.

That is what this woman, married for the last 22 years, has been facing of late. Barring days

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If Daphne Bridgerton Went Shopping in 2021, Here’s Everything She’d Buy

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Poverty Is Not New, You’re Just Seeing More Of It

On 12th January, with schools closed during England’s third lockdown in less than a year, a photo went viral. It had been taken by a mother going by the name Roadside Mum on Twitter. In it she laid out the contents of the free school meals provisions she had been sent to feed her child at home for 10 days: a loaf of bread, eight single cheese slices, one tin of baked beans, three Frubes, a single tomato, two handfuls of penne pasta, two potatoes, two carrots, three apples, two bananas and two small Soreen packets. 
#FreeSchoolMeals bag for 10 days:2 days jacket potato with beans8 single cheese sandwiches2 days carrots3 days apples2 days soreen3 days frubesSpare pasta & tomato. Will need mayo for pasta salad.Issued instead of £30 vouchers. I could do more with £30 to

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