Tips for Keeping a Massage Table Warming Pad Clean

The electric Massage Table Warming Pad are used by thousands of massage therapists and they have some distinct advantages over other types of warming pads. However, keeping an electronic Massage Table Warming Pad clean can be a little tricky since most of the time they are not washable.

If the massage table pad that you want to use isn’t washable there are ways that you can keep it clean and sanitary without having to wash it constantly, although you will need to check the warming pad everyday to make sure it’s not spotted or stained. Here are some tips from massage therapists who love using electric warming pads on keeping the pads clean and soft for a long time:

Spot cleaning
Keep some baby wipes in a drawer or in your purse and whenever a small stain appears on the warming pad dab it with a baby wipe. If you can clean the stain before it sets the fabric should dry as if there were never a stain there. If the stain is lipstick, face powder or other cosmetic stains as a result of contact with a made up client use make up remover pads that are designed to clean makeup in order to prevent permanent stains.

Dry cleaning
You can dry clean your Massage Table Warming Pad at home with an at home dry cleaning kit. Using a dryer based dry cleaning kit will also freshen up the warming pad when it starts to look and smell stale. A good home dry cleaning kit will last through several cleanings and is well worth the cost, so make sure you pick one up when you’re shopping. Make sure that the dryer is not set too high in order to make sure there is no damage to the fabric.

Steam cleaning
You can remove stubborn stains by holding a steam iron close to the fabric with the steam on. The steam will loosen dirt and stains and bring them to the surface so that you wipe them away with a baby wipe, makeup remover, or washcloth. Make sure that the fabric doesn’t get too moist from the steam and make sure you let the pad dry for at least a few hours before you use it for a client.

Upholstery cleaner
Spray upholstery cleaners, the kind used for cars, can also be used on massage pads to fight really bad stains. Follow the directions on the bottle to get the deepest possible clean.

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