What Is It About Fishnet Stockings That Is So Hot?

Fishnet stockings are hot and they evoke different memories and reactions from different people. For myself, I can vividly remember the music videos of Madonna dancing and crawling around in next to nothing and wearing the sexy fishnet stockings. One video I remember in particular was where she was pretending to be an exotic dancer in a peep show!

These days we see the younger generation that is into the gothic and punk movements wearing the black fishnet stockings along with the rest of their black wardrobe and black makeup. Personally, I think that is the only time I have seen fishnet stockings that didn’t look sexy. The stark white faces with makeup that makes someone look dead or like a vampire just doesn’t do it for me.

Overall, with the exception I made above, fishnet stockings just seem to give even the most innocent looking woman a naughty look. My wife is quiet and reserved most of the time, well in public anyway! She becomes a different person behind closed doors and one of her favorite holidays is Halloween when she dresses up as someone very sexy like she did last year when she wore her naughty nurse outfit. I won’t even go into the details, suffice it to say she didn’t look shy or innocent!

The exact origin of fishnet stockings is still being debated as some say that they were introduced and worn by prostitutes and exotic dancers first. I can remember seeing them on some of the old actresses from the late 40s and early 50s. Wherever and whenever doesn’t matter much to me, all I know is that for the majority of women they are very sexy and I know of few men who can resist them.

When the fishnet look came back in style in the 80s they were worn with bright colored mini skirts and we began to see a rainbow of colors in the sexy garments. I remember thinking that a girl in school that wore a faded jean look with fishnet stockings looked really hot! In the 90s we even began to see shirts and skirts made in the fishnet style, this was very popular in discos and with people who performed in bands because they were so cool.

Now with so many different colors available you can wear fishnet stockings with nearly anything. Don’t be afraid to try them, I guarantee you will get attention! Be creative and experiment with different colors and outfits and have some fun.

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