‘A man must invest in a good perfume’

Style file: Sharman Joshi, actor

Fashion to me is: Not trying too hard to look stylish. At the end of the day, you’ve got to be comfortable with what you’re wearing.

My style mantra: Very casual. I don’t believe in following trends without knowing whether they suit me or not.

One thing that makes me feel sexy: A nice shower and great clothes. If you look good, you feel good. What you wear adds a lot of confidence to your personality.

Five essentials of a man’s wardrobe: A black shirt, a white shirt, a pair of jeans, a great pair of shoes and underwear if you care(winks).

A priceless possession I’d never want to give away: My classic Rolex watch. I wouldn’t part with it for anything.

My ideal outfit for:

A fun party: Jeans and shirt

A formal work setting: Trousers and a well-ironed shirt or maybe a tuxedo, depending on the ambience

A casual day out with friends: Track pants and a T-shirt with a cool print A date: A pair of denims and a crisp white linen shirt.

My shopping strategy: I never think twice before buying anything. I follow my instincts. If I like something, I pick it up.

One valuable grooming tip for men: To smell good is very important. Make sure you invest in good deodorants, perfumes and mouth fresheners. Also, avoid having facial or chest hair for a neat and tidy look. A style trick that never fails I Sport a cap. It goes well with everything and adds a dash of style to your look.

A fashion trend I cannot stand: Ganjis. It’s something I am simply not comfortable in.

Essential pairs of shoes every man must possess: A pair of sneakers, black party shoes and bright-coloured slip-ons.

Perfumes I swear by: Azzaro, Hugo Boss, Polo Green and Issey Miyake.

My ultimate fashion destination: Paris and Italy, undoubtedly. These are the only two places where men dress up as well as women.

On fashion blunders: I don’t think I have committed any. To be honest, I always play safe and it has won me a lot of compliments.