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Paris Hilton Has a Podcast, With a Twist

Podcasting holds a strong allure for would-be media disrupters and visionaries. In the still-developing medium, they see wet clay, capable of being molded into an ideal vessel for long-form narrative journalism or fiction or game shows or musicals or memoir.

Add Paris Hilton to their ranks. Hilton, master of an earlier mass-communications era in the tabloid-fueled early aughts, is getting into the podcast business with a new company, her own show and an unusual spin on a form that will seek to create an audio equivalent to social media.

“This Is Paris” will debut on Feb. 22 in partnership with iHeartMedia, the radio giant that has become one of the largest distributors of podcasts, with more than 750 shows collecting more than 250 million downloads per month. Aimed at Hilton’s over 40 million followers across social media platforms, the new show will offer a mix of personal content and conversations

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The Perfume & Beauty Industry | Small Business

The perfume and cosmetics industry is a tough market for small businesses, where 75 percent of the industry’s revenue goes to the top 50 companies, according to Hoovers. But there is room for smaller competitors when you concentrate on your local market and provide exceptional customer service. Pay attention to consumer spending, fashion trends and local demographics to succeed against the giants.

Create Specialty Market

While the big cosmetic manufacturers can supply consumers with a multitude of products in a variety of locations, they often can’t serve the niche markets that prefer customized beauty products and one-of-a-kind scents. As a small business owner, seek out perfume designers and local facial cream producers and give them an avenue to create sales. Whether you own a retail boutique or a salon, provide shelf space for specialty items that can’t be purchased anywhere else. Unique products that provide consumers with the results they

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How to Appreciate the Power of Perfume
Unlike many women, I’ve never had a love affair with fragrance. In the past 25 years, I’ve worn only two: Clinique’s Calyx and The Scent of Peace by Bond No. 9. I was drawn to them because…I liked their smell. Surely, it’s not more complicated than that, I thought. Yet I’ve interviewed perfumers who discuss their creations as if they were works of art, talked to friends who rhapsodize about their favorite fragrances’ je ne sais quoi. Was I lacking a certain scents-ibility?

This question lingered like eau de cologne on a pillowcase. So I was intrigued when I was invited to a one-on-one training class at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) in Manhattan, where master fragrance makers learn their craft, typically over the course of three years. With any luck, a two-hour session would give me at least a sniff.

On the appointed day, the teacher, senior perfumer and

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New Year New Scent: How to Choose a Fragrance for 2014


Our connection to fragrance is intimate, mysterious and difficult to explain, much like the alchemy of infatuation. It’s no wonder that once we find a scent we love, we tend to be loyal. But there’s also something about the flush of a new romance, so why not become besotted with a new fragrance for 2014?

When it comes to fragrance shopping, you can either stick with what you know you like — look for a perfume with similar notes, in a familiar family of scents, to the one you currently use. Or, you can branch out and really try something new. You might feel more comfortable in this if you stick to the same perfumer — for instance, Bond No. 9 and Jo Malone both make beautiful, hard-to-go-wrong fragrances and have a wide enough variety to allow for expanding tastes.

Whichever tack you choose, we’ve got some advice. Don’t

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‘A man must invest in a good perfume’
Style file: Sharman Joshi, actor

Fashion to me is: Not trying too hard to look stylish. At the end of the day, you’ve got to be comfortable with what you’re wearing.

My style mantra: Very casual. I don’t believe in following trends without knowing whether they suit me or not.

One thing that makes me feel sexy: A nice shower and great clothes. If you look good, you feel good. What you wear adds a lot of confidence to your personality.

Five essentials of a man’s wardrobe: A black shirt, a white shirt, a pair of jeans, a great pair of shoes and underwear if you care(winks).

A priceless possession I’d never want to give away: My classic Rolex watch. I wouldn’t part with it for anything.

My ideal outfit for:

A fun party: Jeans and shirt

A formal work setting: Trousers and a well-ironed shirt or maybe a tuxedo,

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Must Read: Why Rioters Dress in Costume, TV Placements Are Becoming Crucial Marketing for Fashion Brands

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Why rioters wear costumes
In the wake of Wednesday’s attack on the capitol, The New York Times‘s Vanessa Friedman explores the rationale for rioters dressing in costume. “What rioters wore when they stormed the United States Capitol…may seem entirely irrelevant to the unprecedented nature of the moment,” she writes. “Yet these choices also helped feed the frenzy of the event, as the pageantry of aggression turned actual.” The New York Times

TV placements have become increasingly important for fashion brands
Placements on television shows have become crucial marketing tools for fashion brands. “Having clothes or accessories prominently featured in a television show or movie is priceless exposure. That’s never been truer than during the pandemic when consumers spent endless hours watching and rewatching their favourite [sic] series,” writes Alexandra Mondalek for Business

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