Discover The Fashion Trends For Fall 2021-2022

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After months of seclusion, going back to school or to the office this fall-winter 2021-2022 has us more lost than usual when it comes to fashion. Many of us stayed in what was worn in March 2020 and then we have not left the tracksuit and comfortable clothes to go out.

But the place of work or study is something else and we cannot (we don’t really want to) go anyway, especially after so long without seeing our colleagues from fatigue, who will surely notice if we are fatter, we have more gray hair or we have more wrinkles.

We care little about all that, but it is the sauce of any office worth its salt, so it is almost an obligation to choose the right style to leave everyone with their mouths open (or closed, in this case).

What do we have to wear to go perfect and set a trend when we get up to the coffee machine? Take note, here vlone tell you in detail!

Autumn-Winter Trends 2021-2022

This autumn-winter 2021-2022 the classics are back in fashion, so don’t worry about running to the store, because surely some of the clothes that we are going to talk about you already have in your wardrobe from previous seasons. Take note: tailored suits, leopard print and fringes are still trendy. But there is much more!

Jacket Suit

Of this you surely have in the closet and, if it is oversize, better than better! Although a fitted blazer at the waist is still synonymous with elegance among women’s clothing.

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Leopard Print

This trend never fails. And it works in all garments, in all versions and in all color tones. You’ll see them a lot this year in coats, dresses, pants, and jackets like the most famous vlone jacket.


The cowboy-inspired fringes are one of the ornaments that are going to be worn the most this fall-winter. And they are valid for jackets, skirts or bags. Unlimited!

Dark Jeans

Jeans are a must in every wardrobe and the more variants you have, the better. But this autumn-winter, the ones that cannot be absent are those with a dark tone and a straight cut. Indigo blue, that which is almost navy blue, is the fashionable color for this garment.

Safari Jacket

You’re not going to go wildebeest this fall, but the safari-inspired jacket, Saharan vibe, is the latest trend this fall, with its large pockets and khaki and neutral tones.


In past years, ankle boots and mid-calf boots were imposed but now the extra-long one is once again, which reaches and even exceeds the knee, both high-heeled and wedge or flat if you prefer.

Hair and Softness

Many garments this fall-winter will have details that look like stuffed animals or sheep. This is going to be very common in jacket linings.

Lingerie Cut Dresses

Surely you’ve already seen them a lot on television. And they have not forgotten to take off their lingerie, it is that it is worn a lot this season, both for parties and for any daily style, both plain and printed. And even with lace!


They are the most comfortable and, again, the most fashionable this fall-winter 2021-2022. And you can choose both classic and avant-garde style.

Pointe Shoes

Pointed toe high heels are back. And forget about using them only for your holidays, they are the best to go to the office and for your day to day if you can bear them.

Down Coats

They are the most comfortable and the most varied in terms of coat and, of course, you have to get out of the classic black and dare with colors and shapes. And remember, the lengths are the warmest!

Crop Top

If you are not very cold, you also have to dare to show your gut. Jackets and short blouses are worn, and also sweaters and T-shirts, of course. That those young women are the only ones who can show the stomach passed away. And it is valid to combine with both pants and skirt.