Home Remedies – Best Tooth Whitening Kits

Whiter teeth can lead to more confidence, a better first impression and a healthier smile. With many methods available to accomplish the goal of whiter teeth, many are using these methods to brighten their smile. While, there are many cosmetic dentists who offer amazing results with in-office whitening, this can be costly and time consuming. There are tooth whitening kits made to be used in the comfort of your own home that offer similar results to those found in a professional tooth whitening setting.

Of the many home remedies and at-home tooth whitening applications available, kits are among the popular because of their multi-step approach and great results. Generally, a tooth whitening kit contains a tray system with rinse and other follow up products designed to get the most teeth whitening power from the products included in the system.

Unlike some at-home tooth whitening products, kits are not a quick fix and often need to be worn overnight or for an extended amount of time. This is more an “evening when you get home” kind of treatment. There are many tooth whitening kits to choose from offered by all the popular oral health care brands. To find the one that will work the best for you, consider the level of whitening you need and other oral health concerns you may have, like sensitive teeth and gums.

Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you only use the system for the length of time the manufacturer suggests. If you notice an reactions or negative effects, consult with your dentist immediately and take the product with you to your visit.

Among the best tooth whitening kits available are Crest, Rembrandt and FastWhite. All are companies you are likely familiar with and sold in many retail establishments around the country. There are other companies offering kits available online by such companies as BleachPro, Beaming White, and Whitening USA. Before purchasing a tooth whitening kit online, make sure the company and product are legit and offer great results or a money back guarantee.

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