Oriflame Cosmetics: How Using These Simple 5 Steps Will Increase Your Business

Oriflame Natural Swedish Cosmetics have one of the most comprehensive training plans to help their consultants achieve the ‘Make money today and fulfill your dreams tomorrow’ pledge. Their unique 5 step success plans achieve good results by those who take the time to follow them. In this review, I will look at how Oriflame show that using these 5 simple steps will increase your business.

Oriflame consultants become eligible for discounts, free products and special offers as soon as they start their business. New catalogues are published every 3 – 4 weeks to showcase selections of their range of 900 products. A potential discount of 23-30% can be received on orders achieving correct levels, which is a good reason for increasing business to the max. Commission is also earned on income produced by new recruits coming on board.

Oriflame Cosmetics show their consultants how to increase business by using something they call ‘The Power of 5’ strategy. Breaking training down into small chunks of 5 steps, they suggest you regularly:

1 Find 5 people to talk about Oriflame to
2 Hand out catalogues to 5 new people
3 Display 5 cards in windows in your area
4 Hand 5 new people your business card
5 Phone 5 people in your team that are inactive

Once you have found and signed up a new recruit (which is one of the most efficient ways to increase your own business) you should:

1 Get involved in training your new recruit
2 Keep communication flowing with your recruit
3 Be available to support your recruit
4 Make sure you encourage your recruit
5 Help your recruit to plan and achieve personal goals

By adopting these sets of steps to increase your business, Oriflame believe that:

1 Habits will change from merely ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’
2 Your confidence will increase
3 New confidence will attract others into your team
4 Your business will grow
5 You will achieve your goals and your life will change

Since they have been around for over 40 years and now have 3.3 million consultants in 62 countries, they probably know what they are talking about. Turnover has increased to 1.3 billion euros and their recent research shows that the system works better in today’s market than it did when it started 43 years ago. They have seen their business model survive and grow in global financial downturns, so are confident that it will work for the future.

If you are looking to build a good home based business with this attractive Swedish company, I suggest that you also increase your marketing skills to the max and learn as many different ways as possible to generate income. Go make yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and click on the following now http://www.earnyourwealth.co.uk to find out how you can turn an everyday business opportunity into an extraordinary one. I hope this review on how Oriflame Cosmetics show that using these 5 simple steps will increase your business has been helpful.

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