School Girls Fancy Dress Costumes – Suggestions For Adult Girls Costume

The school girl costume you choose will obviously depend on the venue. Cute or slightly sexy will work for a costume party but very naughty or triple X is best for a private Halloween celebration.

The Cheerleader

One of the most popular fancy dress costumes is the cheerleader. This costume is especially fun if wearer includes the accessories too like the pom poms or high school quarterback. The cheerleader costume can be from any era. In the 50s a poodle skirt, sweater and saddle shoes were the rage. In the 70s and 80s a pleated mini skirt and form fitting Lycra shirt or lightweight sweater were popular. Today a micro mini and tight midriff are all the rage.

The Girl Scout

Another celebration of days of yore is the Brownie and Girl Scout outfits. Of course there is the cute traditional dress cut slightly above the knee in either brown or green with a sash for the badges. Brownies wore a cute little beanie on their heads while Girl Scouts wore a green felt beret. The adult girls costume is quite a bit different from the genuine article. Many scout dress costumes today are cut ultra short and are ultra sexy. And some creative license has been taken on the design with plunging necklines and short tight tops. These outfits might be best for a private Halloween costume party.

The School Girl

The traditional school girl costume usually mimics a private or parochial school uniform. In most cases they consist of a plaid skirt, white blouse, white socks and black shoes. Of course the variations on this them can make the school girl costume quite cute or quite raunchy. To complete the costume, hair should be work in pig tails to give that youthful appearance. The school girl can also carry some school books, an apple for the teacher, or a back pack. Adding a pair of black rimmed glasses to the costume provides the “smart” look. The sexier school girl usually has a micro mini skirt, white stockings held up by garter belts and 6 inch heels while the more traditional school girl has a plaid skirt just above the knee, white ankle socks and black loafers. Whichever style you choose, it is sure to be a good time.

Selecting the Right Costume

If you have decided that you want to wear a school girl costume but cannot decide on what style to choose consider a few important factors. First of all follow your fantasy. Did you always want to be a cheerleader but never made the squad? Then consider fulfilling that fantasy and select the cheerleader costume. Do you want to look smart and sexy? Then the school girl costume is perfect for you! Or if you want to select an outfit that will probably be unique as you are, go for the Brownie or Girl Scout. Just remember to have fun wearing your costume.

A Halloween school girl outfit can be a fun choice for a full blown costume party or a quite Halloween celebration at home with your honey. There are many styles and themes to choose from. Just be sure to pick the right one for you and remember to have a happy Halloween.

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