Shop ‘Sex and the City’ reboot outfits on curated Instagram page

We couldn’t help but wonder … Would the fashions from the “Sex and the City” reboot fill the stilettos of the original?

Just a week after some of the first photos from “And Just Like That…” dropped, fashionistas flocked to the internet to find dupes of the designer looks. Since the show is a reboot of the timeless and fashion-filled “Sex and the City,” the photos from the HBO Max revival series did not disappoint.

One of those fashion-driven fans was a 23-year-old fashion student from Ukraine named Victoria Bazalinchuk, or better known on Instagram as @justlikethatcloset. Only a few days after the promotional photos came out, her brand-new account already has more than 17,500 followers — and the cast’s attention.

“Creating this account, I wouldn’t even have imagined it to grow so fast and get lots of recognition, even by the actors,” Bazalinchuk told The Post. “The first to notice my account was Sarah Jessica Parker. She watched my stories and replied to one of them. Then Willie Garson reposted my post, as well as Nicole Ari Parker, who also followed me. All of them, including Kristin Davis, occasionally watch my stories.”

The show follows writer Carrie Bradshaw, played by Parker, as well as attorney Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and prim Charlotte York (played by Davis). But one of the other main stars of the new series is costume designer Molly Rogers, who is credited as the mastermind behind all of the looks.

Rogers, who took over for long-time “SATC” costume designer Patricia Field, is no stranger to the “SATC” set, having won an Emmy for Outstanding Costumes for Season 3 of the “Sex and the City” television show. She has also worked on “Sex and the City: The Movie” and “Sex and the City 2,” in addition to other iconic fashion flicks like 2009’s “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and 2006’s “The Devil Wears Prada.”

‘Creating this account, I wouldn’t even have imagined it to grow so fast and get lots of recognition, even by the actors.’

While you will just have to wait until later to watch the 10-part series on HBO Max — the premiere date is not yet announced — you can still start shopping right now, thanks to some amazing sleuthing by Bazalinchuk and her followers, with items found at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and other designer stores found below.

“I knew there is a rush around ‘SATC’ fashion, and this time I didn’t want to make people wait because by the time the show airs, most of the clothes will be sold out and I know how upsetting that might be,” explained Bazalinchuk. “Knowing brand’s DNA and having basic knowledge in fashion helps a lot, and some brands have reached out to me with the products they sent to the costume design team. My followers themselves are also willing to help me out when I can’t find a particular item, and I once got a message from a person with an exact piece which I had gotten wrong.”

Send Bazalinchuk a direct message on Instagram if you want to join her fashion detective department or browse the ever-growing look-book. But for those just wanting to shop, keep scrolling for some of the exact pieces from the upcoming show.

A side by side image of Sarah Jessica Parker and a close up if a turquoise beaded necklace
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

Reboot or original, Sarah Jessica Parker knows how to accessorize.

Get her two-toned turquoise necklace while it’s still in stock, found at Matches Fashion’s site. The Fry Powers necklace is made of turquoise and malachite, the latter of the two said to promote mood-lifting feelings. That can also be accomplished by a good shopping trip.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears a white button down over a gingham outfit and the white shirt is featured again on the right
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

After spending a night with Mr. Big, throw on one of his oversized dress shirts and call in an outfit.

The shirt seen on SJP is actually a men’s polo, sold on the Ralph Lauren site. You can add the classic white one to your cart first, but then check out the other colors as well for an effortless look that Carrie would be proud of.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears white pants and rainbow pumps on the left and a close up of the rainbow shoes on the right
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

No outfit is complete without a pair of amazing shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on set in these YSL sandals, currently still available in limited quantities on the Saks Fifth Avenue site. The rainbow straps are perfect for summer, and the black heel helps to blend the shoe into any outfit.

A side by side image of Kristin Davis wearing a black polka dot blouse and a close up of that blouse on the right
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

Combine all the class of Charlotte with just a bit of added sass and you have this top.

The polka-dot blouse was tracked down and found to be a Carolina Herrera number, sold at Saks Fifth Avenue with an array of sizes still in stock. Even better news for fans — the top is now on sale for over 50{85e7f5b37d2b3b32ff943ebdbb52de90edc4132ca8c2134f6732351e5442126f} off, sold for $436, down from the original $1,090.

A side by side image of Kristin Davis wearing a black polka dot blouse and a black Dior handbag and that same handbag as a closeup on the right
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

There’s nothing better than a little black dress. Well, except for maybe a little black bag to go with it.

Get Charlotte’s Dior handbag, seen on actress Kristin Davis as she steps out of a car in style on the set. The mini purse is made of patent leather and is still currently sold on the Dior site while supplies last.

A side by side image of Kristin Davis wearing a black polka dot blouse, a black Dior handbag and black Dior heels. That same pair of shoes as a closeup on the right.
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

Don’t you just adore Dior?

Charlotte does, as the brand evokes class and poise and, of course, a whole lot of fashion. Paired with the blouse and purse above, these shoes are a must-have — and, lucky for us, they are still in stock on the Dior site.

Cynthia Nixon wearing a pair of white pants and those same pants as a close up on the right
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

Miranda is practical, direct and fashion-forward, in both the original show and the reboot.

Get her tailored look with these amazing white slacks from Vince. which also happen to be on sale. Available in limited sizing, the belted pants are now just $138, down from the original $345.

Cynthia Nixon wearing a pair of white pants and nude pumps those same shoes as a close up on the right
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

A nude heel is a wardrobe staple, so why not base yours off of the iconic Miranda?

Actress Cynthia Nixon was spotted on set in these amazing shoes, which were then found to be Manolos, of course. They can still be found at Neiman Marcus, sold in the nude shade, as well as in black.

Cynthia Nixon wears a plaid shirt and white pants on the left and a close up of an orange plaid shirt on the right
@justlikethatcloset via Instagram

Complete Miranda’s full outfit with the plaid top seen on the set of the new show — but with a slight twist.

While the Instagram account found the orange version, we think we got a bit closer to the original seen on Cynthia Nixon. Sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, we tracked down a nude version of the plaid blouse, complete with the arm button detailing and cuffs. Better yet, the top is now on sale for $398, down from the original price of $995.