Why Blue Remington Tight Curls Hot Rollers Are a Great Seller on eBay

Blue Remington Tight Curls hot rollers are excellent sellers on eBay. These blue hair curling rollers are not vintage. They have not been discontinued, but can be hard to find. These hot rollers have a high street value because of what they are used for.

These hot rollers are small in diameter and are used to create the Shirley Temple style ringlets, or spiral curls, that little girls wear in beauty pageants. This is actually a case where smaller, not bigger, is better. These rollers are coveted by pageant moms – they often need several sets of the curlers to achieve the desired look. So, the moms are turning to eBay to find extra sets of the hot rollers to use for pageants.

New in the box, Remington Tight Curls sell for around $120. Pretty pricey for hot rollers. If you have ever had a daughter participate in beauty pageants, you know how quickly the essentials add up. Dresses, costumes, shoes, makeup, lessons, entry fees all cost money. Pageant moms are looking on eBay to find the hot rollers at a discounted price.

So, just how much profit can you make on eBay selling used Remington Tight Curls? According to the research tool Hammertap, this product has a 83% sell through rate – which means that 83% of the listings actually result in a sale. The average selling price is $58. But remember that is an average – you may get more depending on the condition of the used set. Some sets sell without all of the rollers or any of the clips.

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