Will You Prioritize Cosmetics, Or The Bones Of A House?: 5 Issues

Since, for most people, the financial value of their house, is, one of the most valuable, of their financial assets, and, with, home prices, in the past several months, rising, at an unprecedented way, doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, carefully, wisely, and, in a smart manner, before making such a huge commitment? One of the reasons, so many use, staging, to enhance, the perceived attractiveness/ value of a specific home, is, because, many potential buyers, seem, incapable of, seeing, the bigger – picture, and looking, beyond, merely, the cosmetic, first – look! It would be wise, therefore, before one buys any real estate, to ask yourself, whether, you will, merely, look at your first – look, rather than the so – called, bones, of a house! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 relevant issues.

1. Major systems and components: Avoid the temptation, to let, your short – term, emotions, overwhelm your logical components! While, you can always, paint a house, change a kitchen, re – do, floors, or, make other renovations, major systems, and components, of a house, such as, the heating system, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and electrical quality, are, usually, far – more, relevant, and significant!

2. Local zoning rules: It’s important to check, carefully, and thoroughly, the zoning rules and regulations of the specific area, so you know, what can be done. This is, related to, making certain changes, such as renovations, and certain repairs. Some communities have certain requirements, which dictate, the maximum percentage, a house, can be, of the overall lot. Others restrict certain things, and/ or, make renovating, excessively, expensive! A wise consumer, closely, examines these, up – front, to ensure, the finest, personal results, etc!

3. Pros and cons of the specific location: While, you may, be able to modify, certain aspects of a house, or property, you can’t change the specific location, of that house! Walk around the neighborhood, at a variety of times, and in multiple directions, to learn, as much as possible, about the area. If, possible, try to speak to some of the neighbors, look for the conveniences, in the area, you prioritize, etc, so you address, future satisfaction, with living somewhere. Don’t ignore, the quality of the school system, real estate taxes, safety issues (low crime rates), convenience to Houses of Worship, and specific conveniences, such as food and drug stores, etc!

4. Immediate repairs and renovations, versus, wish – list: What would you want, to immediately, repair, and/ or, renovate, before moving in, and how expensive, would, that be? In your head/ calculations, add those costs, to the cost of purchasing, and compare to a similar home, where those things, were, already, addressed! This is different, from a so – called, wish – list, which you would like, but aren’t deal – breakers!

5. Examine total costs, and your personal comfort zone: Be careful, to avoid, becoming house – rich, but financially, stressed, and challenged! The more, you know, and understand, the better your inevitable results, etc!

Nearly, everyone, changes something, about any house they purchase, such as, painting, floors, etc. Take the time, and make the effort, to look deeply, into the, bones – of – a house!

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