Blue Eyes Makeup – Simple Tips You Can Use to Your Advantage

Blue Eyes Makeup – Simple Tips You Can Use to Your Advantage

For nearly all women with blue eyes, makeup application can be difficult. Not all women have the same basic eye shades so it can be even harder to go with tips that give you a small color scale. Most women with blue peepers have lighter skin tones, but there are plenty of women who have light eyes but a darker skin tone. Pale skin blue eyed women often tan in the summer time, changing the way the hue of their eyes look.

It’s not necessary to use a lot of makeup. At the same time, you want to use enough to really bring out your features, especially your look. Makeup is like for highlighting your facial features and bringing them out in their own beautiful way. This means that many women struggle to find the shades and the depth of makeup that is appropriate for them. Practice varying degrees of makeup to find your personal makeup level that works for you.

When working on the eyes, you are typically working on your best features. Most women would love to bring out their eyes in a way that is stunning and alluring. Doing so often depends in part on the shade of blue that the eyes really are.

Some women have very dark blue eyes. Other women have the more common medium to light blue eyes. A small percentage have blue color eyes one day, grey eyes the next, and sometimes even green eyes on occasion. These grey blue dusty eyes are often referred to as simply gray blue.

Blue does not necessarily work on blued eyed women. Unless your eyes are very deep blue, dark shades can wipe away the vigor of the eye. You can use dark shades for very dark eyes or you can use dark shades for lining the eye provided that you back it up with lighter shades for a layered visual effect.

Light shades can work on grey blue eyes as well as mid blue ones. You don’t want to use light shades that help wash out your color. Very light shades should be avoided, as they tend to increase the pale look of a light eyed, pale skinned woman. Light shades can help define a grey blue eyed woman’s features. The lighter shades can often be backed up by a darker liner for bringing out the various shades within the eye.

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