Monday, May 23
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Camila Cabello’s Guide to Feel-Good Makeup and Finding Joy

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Camila Cabello’s beauty routine has a certain effortlessness to it, though the singer-songwriter admits this relaxed approach is recent. She recounts battling acne while on tour with Fifth Harmony, often wanting to hide her face away. She ultimately opted for laser treatments, as well as a careful at-home regimen. “I think ever since then I really prioritize skin care,” she says. 

“This has helped me so much with my blackheads, and now I actually rarely exfoliate,” says Cabello of the Osea Advanced Protection Cream. “Just keeping my skin moisturized actually really helps a lot.” As she goes through her routine, Cabello recounts some of the beauty lessons she learned from her mother, like how to do an egg white face mask and scalp massages.

Along with DIY treatments and skin care, Cabello prioritizes therapy and mindfulness. She also acknowledges the mood-boosting effect of fashion: “For me, within like the first 20 minutes of my day, if I put on something that makes me feel cute, that’s instant serotonin.”

The 25-year-old keeps her makeup lightweight—a response to growing up in humid Miami weather. “My relationship with fashion and makeup has changed so much,” she says, blending the Han Skincare Cosmetics CC cream with a Beautyblender, followed by concealer. “I think having more confidence, being more playful about it, and using it as another way of creative and artistic expression changed my relationship with makeup.” Now, she’s excited to create new looks each day. Her brows are set with the Patrick Ta Major Brow Lamination Gel, while a Westman Atelier blush stick, Dior highlighter powder, and Armani Beauty eyeshadow offer subtle color.  

“For me, casual makeup is all about what can I do that I can’t [mess] up.” A long-time fan of L’Oréal’s Lash Paradise formula, she applies a coat atop her lashes before a glossy lip combo of Patrick Ta Major Glow Lip Shine and L’Oréal Glow Paradise multi-use tint. “It is such a sign of self-care and self-love to listen and to respond [to your body]—getting back to that childlike joy, happiness, and expression again,” Cabello says. A spritz of dewy setting spray and a scalp massager by Kevin Murphy completes her feel-good look. 


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