Emergency Decluttering – Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

You look at your calendar, you look around your house, and you realize that you need to do some emergency decluttering. Life can get crazy some times, and now is that time for you. The house is a disaster, and you have special guests coming to stay! Where are you going to put them? What are you going to do with all the clutter in your house that looks so ugly? You need to do an emergency decluttering. Here are some 8 tips that will save your sanity and help you with your emergency decluttering!

  1. Go through the bathroom and fill at LEAST a shoebox with lotions, medications, and makeup that is past expiry date and throw it out.
  2. Fill up a box with items for charity, and then drop it off before you change your mind!
  3. Walk around your house and look for obvious and not-so-obvious GARBAGE! Get rid of doubles, excess packaging that you think you’ll need for if you move “someday”, and broken things that you’ve been holding onto for “sentimental reasons”. You won’t miss them.
  4. Box up excess photo frames from your shelves for an emergency decluttering of your coffee tables and selves.
  5. Take everything off of the floor in one room, wash the floor, and then only put back the items that really belong there.
  6. Recycle your old catalogue pile. You can always find what you need on the internet.
  7. Make use of decorative box sets. These are available everywhere these days and are invaluable as they look both attractive and uncluttered where-ever you put them, and they can hide a lot of random “stuff”.
  8. If you are sorely lacking cupboard space, pick up a pantry cupboard with doors and set it along a wall. These make great closets, and you can fit (or hide) a LOT of items on their shelves. Close the doors and you’ll be amazed at the way you get rid of clutter fast!

There are certain times when you need to get rid of clutter fast. Whether for emotional reasons such as your mother in law coming for a visit this weekend, or because you are suddenly FED UP with being embarrassed about your messy house, these emergency decluttering tips can help you clear the clutter for good… or at least hide it nicely away for a quick fix!

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