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It’s the first week of February and the first week following our full moon in Leo, whose affect is sure to stay with us through the weeks leading up to our new moon in Aquarius on February 11th. While we ride the lunar waves, we’ll also be weathering a Mercury retrograde transit in Aquarius which is sure to fumble some bags and cross a few wires. Worry not, dear readers, because worrying will not serve you. Instead, get your planners out and double-check what needs checking. Mars continues tensions with Saturn and the Sun, so it’s good to err on the side of caution. We almost always know less than we think we do, and it never hurts to rein in our assumptions — not only about other people but about future possibilities available to us. Ask for clarifications, ask for extensions, ask the universe to grace you with your new favorite take out place, and reward yourself for all your hard work.Aries & Aries Rising: March 21 to April 19You’re the kind of person who seemingly always has the power to make things happen, of course, but, there’s something extra special about this week. Whatever manifestation is, whether it’s the listening ear of a benefic god or your own sense of good timing, it’s available to you in spades. Just remember, part of the work of calling in what you want is knowing what you don’t. So, when you open the gates, remember your limits. And, if you’re not sure what your limit is, this week is a good time to learn it, rather than have it learn you. Taurus & Taurus Rising: April 20 to May 20If you start feeling flush with gratitude for your kin network this week, you’re welcome to keep on feeling it. In fact, it would serve you and your sense of self well to focus on the love you feel rather than slip-sliding into all the ways you wish you could show up differently for others — to do more, be more. The support and care that is available to you is a direct result of who and how you are in this world. It’s confirmation that even when you feel untethered and unsure, you are always accompanied and always enough.Gemini & Gemini Rising: May 21 to June 20How can it be that the more you attempt to communicate what’s on your heart, the less sure you are if it’s true? Of course, you have a way with words and a knack for understanding the larger framework of things, but just because you can’t name what weighs on your spirit with full certainty, it doesn’t mean what you’re experiencing is rootless or without merit. Nor does it mean you should hide your heart away until clarity strikes. This week, try to remember that sometimes beginning the conversation is a doorway toward further information. Cancer & Cancer Rising: June 21 to July 22It’s more than okay to invest in yourself. In fact, it’s well known that investment and growth go hand-in-hand. You’re all about growth these days, aren’t you, Cancer? Growth isn’t just about working yourself to the bone, it’s also about choosing peace for yourself. But, peace and isolation are not the same, nor is investing in yourself synonymous with pushing people away. You’re only as alone as you let yourself believe you are. This week, be generous — with yourself and with others. The more you have, the more you’ve got to share; the more you share, the more you have. Leo & Leo Rising: July 23 to August 22This week, the tension between who you want to be in the world and what you DO in the world might feel extra taut. With what we’ve been through just this January — let alone this past year — it’s easy to get lost in the hustle. Our lives are spent perfecting the delicate balance between all the different parts of ourselves, and between what we want and what we get; so losing sight of one aspect of that is not evidence of failure or inauthenticity. Try to devote some time this week to activities that are both deeply fulfilling for a private part of yourself and also extremely unproductive in terms of capital. Maybe bake something ugly but delicious, and share it around!Virgo & Virgo Rising: August 23 to September 22Not only is it okay to change your mind, it’s an opportunity. Every time the river of your thoughts takes a bend, you get to see what’s on the other side of that land mass you’ve been pacing. This week, if you find yourself considering a new direction or feeling guilty for breaking some kind of vow only you heard yourself make — don’t. You don’t owe anyone more than what you’ve got to give, and what you’ve got to give is subject to change based on the state of the world, your body, your mind. Your energy and your time is yours to give as you choose — your energy and your time are your life. Libra & Libra Rising: September 23 to October 22,It’s okay to get lonely, Libra. It’s okay to long for the simple pleasure of another person’s warmth and quiet companionship. The trick with emotions like loneliness and longing is figuring out how to have them rather than letting them have you. This week, try to notice when the love you’ve collected within yourself for your collective starts to feel less like a gift and more like a burden. Don’t let it weigh you down or come splashing over in waves of conflict. Write a long love letter to a friend, imagine your heart a little lighter when you send it off.Scorpio & Scorpio Rising: October 23 to November 21I’m not gonna tell you that you shouldn’t say yes to everything because, honestly, you already know that. Besides, the only “shoulds” you respect are the ones you make up. In fact, you’ve likely run yourself ragged making good on commitments you decided you should make. Or, spent a few evenings fretting about whether you should be doing more for others. This week, it might be a nice challenge for you to have faith in other people’s regard. People’s hearts are just as sentimental and complex as yours; they remember the ways you’ve been there and they’re not holding you to a standard as rigid as the one to which you hold yourself. Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising: November 22 to December 21There’s no shame in wanting more for yourself. And, even if you feel a little shame, it’s good to remember that while shame is something many people are raised with, it’s not our guardian. If you want to share more of yourself with the world, that is a human need. If you want to earn more for the work you do, if you want to feel valued in a very literal sense, you are justified. If you can hold your doubts and your fear alongside your ambition and let them get to know each other you might start to hear a gentle voice within you call out, “Well, come on.”Capricorn & Capricorn Rising: December 22 to January 19Perhaps, like many of us, you’ve been spending a great deal of time around your possessions lately. Perhaps you’ve started wondering whether what surrounds you is actually a reflection of who you are. If this line of questioning has got you craving a wardrobe change or something even more drastic, it’s to be expected. No one stays the same and no one wants to, no matter how much pressure we put on others not to change. Make it a daily ritual to introduce small shifts to your space or your self-expression as feels right. Feed the little pleasure machine until your connection with it is so strong there’s no question what big changes you need to make. Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: January 20 to February 18Dig, if you will, the picture: The stock market is in shambles, the empire is a joke, the scams are ripe for the picking, and the only thing that matters is figuring out how to keep the people you care about safe from a deadly virus. There is no bell, no alert, for when the end is here, because there is no end, only transformation. This week, when you feel yourself falling deeper into the space between life and life, remember that nothing disappears and nothing lasts as it is. And, if only today is real, then you only have today to take that impossible dream of yours and make it a little more possible. Pisces & Pisces Rising: February 19 to March 20Our big ideas, our senses of purpose, of god, of love, they change as the years go on — even if we don’t notice it. It’s not uncommon to sit still one day and realise that your heart operates in a completely different way than it used to — that you love differently, see differently. It can take a while for the shifts to make themselves known to us and even longer for us to live in a way that reflects our beliefs. There’s no rush to turn over a new leaf, the leaves fall when they are ready. This week, if you start feeling out of alignment, be gentle with yourself — but be discerning, too. Make a list that describes who you are alone, your private beliefs; and, make another list that describes your shared self, your public being. What is shared between them? What is lost?Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Your Money Horoscope For 2021 Is HereWhy Some Astrologers Don’t Believe In Zodiac CuspsThe First Mercury Retrograde Of 2021 Is Here