Google makes a small but helpful improvement to the online shopping experience

What you need to know

  • Google is launching new tools to help merchants stand out among online shoppers.
  • The company is preparing to launch a “Trusted Store” badge for select merchants.
  • Google is also providing ways to help merchants view important metrics.

Google Search is already a handy way to find the products you might be looking for and can connect users to various merchants and retailers. Now, Google is working to improve its shopping tap for consumers and merchants with new features arriving on the platform.

The most consumer-facing feature Google announced on Monday is the new “Trusted Store” badge. Merchants will receive this badge based on several factors, such as shipping speed, return window, and both shipping and return costs. Consumers will be able to see this badge when browsing for items in Google Shopping online and on the best Android phones. Google says that early testing has shown that this results in more clicks for merchants with the badge, and it can also help consumers discover smaller merchants who could benefit from this feature.

Google Shopping Trusted Store badge

(Image credit: Google)

The new Shopping Experience Scorecard program will launch “in the coming months.”