Guide To Help You Choose Engagement Ring For Your Partner

So you have decided that it is finally time to choose an engagement ring. Whether you are the future groom to be and have popped the question of choosing to find the dream engagement ring together as a couple, here are the five steps you need to follow when choosing an engagement ring.

Choosing An Engagement Ring Style

Advice for the guys when choosing an engagement ring – This is ground zero, and the first thing you should try and tie-down. If you are going alone, try and choose a style that compliments her current jewelry tastes. If you get stuck, have a look at her Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. You are sure to find plenty of pointers there about the style of ring she loves.

For the ladies – When choosing an engagement ring, try on as many different styles as you can. Look for the things you love in each design. A skillful designer will combine all the other things you love into your one dream ring. When you find “The One,” you will know it will be the design that makes your heart skip a beat. 

The Stone Shape

In the beginning, when you are choosing an engagement ring, you want to focus on what shape the diamond is. Do you love the traditional round brilliant cut diamond? If your partner has long, slim fingers, then maybe a fancy and antique diamond ring like the pear, oval, or marquise cut diamond might be ideal, you can get one of these gorgeous antique engagement rings in Dallas.

Consider whether it is a single stone ring you are after or whether you would like to have shoulder stones. If you want to have shoulder stones in your engagement ring, explore all the options. Whether to match the shape of your center stones to your shoulder diamonds is a personal preference. 

The Quality

This can sometimes be one of the most challenging elements to balance. Do you go for a larger diamond of lower quality? Or choose a diamond that is slightly smaller and more brilliantly cut? At the end of the day, where the diamond sits on the 4C’s will not only tell you how beautiful the stone is but ultimately how much it costs.

Metal Choice

One of the common questions raised when choosing an engagement ring is whether to go with platinum or white gold. The usual advice that I give to new clients choosing their engagement ring is, “Do you have a spare $1000?” This is usually how much the upgrade to platinum will cost. If the answer is yes, then by all means, upgrade your metal choice to platinum. If No, then 18ct white gold is still an exceptional metal choice. It might make more sense to upgrade their diamond to a larger or better quality stone rather than upgrading their metal for some clients.

The Budget

This is the last thing I often go through with couples and men that I see when choosing an engagement ring. Once you have found the design you love, it is straightforward to make it with a different size center stone. While some might have you believe that you need to spend three months salary (before tax and including bonuses), the truth is that you need to pick a figure that you both feel comfortable with.

This is something special that you are going to have for a very long time, and you want to make sure that it is something that you can be proud of for many years to come. Whatever your maximum budget is, spend it and try and get the best quality you can. In the years to come, you will never regret the money that you paid.