How Would the World Look Like without Eyeglasses?

Imagine what would’ve happened to this world if they didn’t invent eyeglasses. It would not be the same, that’s for sure. Lots of other inventions wouldn’t have been possible either because the people who made them would not see perfectly to come up with them.

It would be a strange world, no doubt. The first magnifying glass was invented around 1000 AD. The first eyeglasses came around 1285 and ever since people had an easier time seeing the things around them. Reading is the hardest part of visual impairments, and this aid helped them tremendously. See more on the link.

People’s lifespan would have been shorter

A millennium ago, people depended on their sight much more than they do today. Without being able to see they can’t do their job and if they can’t do this, they would surely die faster. It was hard for people with impairments back then and that’s one of the reasons why very few managed to live over the age of 70.

Science would develop slower

Imagine a physicist doing the equations without being able to see clearly what they are writing. This isn’t possible. So many scientists would’ve become anonymous people if they didn’t have the chance to wear glasses. Thanks to them, science developed fast and other inventions came around.

Thanks to them we get to enjoy the life we have today. If there weren’t for the glasses 1000 years ago, we surely wouldn’t have the internet and computers today. The butterfly effect is fearless and has no excuses for how history develops.

Today’s people would be dependent on others

As time goes, those with seeing problems tend to deteriorate with their problem more and more. It means that a lot of people by a particular age would become completely dependent on others. Old people would see almost nothing and they will need to be a burden to society.

What do we have today instead?

We have a society in which glasses are standard. We can easily see better and we get the chance to improve our vision over time. The modern types of eyeglasses are made to perfection. They allow us to live our lives as nothing’s happening.

This invention helped the planet to evolve and develop to become what it is today. Companies that started manufacturing eyewear also grew and pushed new modern models each day. Today, we have giant companies like Hugo Boss glasses, or Versace, and Kate Spade. They are all made to perfection and make our lives easier.


No one can tell where this world would be if we didn’t have the technological advancements that we do have today. Lucky for us, we live in the best times of human history. The invention of glasses only made it better.

We now get to do everything we want even though we struggle with eye conditions that without visional impairment aids would not be possible. Thanks to the invention of eyeglasses, we live happy lives.