Nails and Beauty

Nothing makes either a man or woman feel better, than good and healthy looking hands and feet. Either for their own personal pleasure, or to finish off that professional appearance, nail care is an important part of any bodies beauty regime. Here is a guide about how best to treat your nails.

To start with, you should clean your cuticles and nails. Although we think that water and soap will suitably clean our nails, this is not true. You should get a lemon, and put the tips of your fingers and toes in the juice to clean the nails and cuticles properly.

Once your nails are clean you should soak your hands in warm water with a little lemon juice, and then we can give the nails a manicure. To start with, healthy nails should be translucent and pink. This is because of the blood beneath the nail bed. Always check your nails are in a good, healthy condition before painting, as if they are not, a treatment may be required.

The next step is to paint your nails however you like. To start, you should always apply a base coat of a light colour. This should be a specific pink base coat polish, or a clear nail polish. By doing this, if you put a darker colour onto your nails, you will not stain them. If you do wear nail polish all of the time, you should always take it off for at least two days every two weeks, to allow your nails to breath.

If you do not like to wear nail polish, do not fear, there is another tip to getting professional and healthy looking nails. Using a hydrogen peroxide solution, you should dip a cotton swab inside, then rub this underneath the nails. This will clean and whiten them. Then to make your nails shine without polish, you should rub them with coconut oil or castor oil. You can also use dry soap on your nails, and then buff them, or use lemon peal, to create the same result as nail polish.

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