Online shopping tips to beat the high price of inflation

BALTIMORE, Md. — Inflation is becoming increasingly difficult for families to escape and shoppers are looking to save money wherever or however they can do it. Price check apps or browser extensions offer one way to save money while shopping online.

Prices are up and product sizes are getting smaller as inflation hit nearly eight percent in February.

High prices are putting the squeeze on household budgets. More families are feeling the need to pinch a penny or stretch a dollar, as people are searching for bargains, asking for deals, or clipping coupons to save.

WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez said “it’s really painless, you know. I remember too, growing up and we had binders of coupons and kind of sorting through everything. Now, you can really do it all with a click of a button, and even promo codes, things you might not necessarily know about.”

Gonzalez recommends using free shopping apps, like Capital One Shopping, Honey, or Amazon Assistant.

These price check apps are browser extensions people install on a laptop; apps which essentially run in the background of a computer, hunting for bargains while you shop.

Capital One Shopping lets consumers shop as they normally would and delivers the savings right to their online carts.

Honey searches for promo codes to get discounts.

Amazon Assistant allows savvy shoppers to track the best prices and read product reviews.

Comparison shopping isn’t limited to just shopping online. Gonzalez advises to speak up when shopping in-store and ask retailers if they’ll match a lower price from a competitor.

“You can pull up another store even when you’re in the aisle a different one and you can actually show someone at the register and say ‘hey can you price match this for me.’ Nine times out of 10 they will, and that goes for food, that goes for products, electronics. I think it’s definitely a habit worth getting into,” Gonzalez said.

Stocking up is another way budget-conscious shoppers can use to beat inflation.

“Try to be buying in bulk, and places like Amazon and Costco and BJ’s have definitely made that a little bit easier to do. So, you’re going to be savings in terms of the product, in terms of shipping, and in terms of inflation as it still rises. I don’t think we’ve really reached the peak yet,” Gonzalez said.

Consumers should read the fine print before installing any price check apps or browser extensions.

The apps will not only monitor the products shoppers look at and purchase online but also scan emails to look for receipts or shipping confirmations to perform price checks.

Consumers should make sure to understand how to change privacy settings in your browser to help protect their privacy while shopping online.