Pick Up Artist Techniques – The Sexual Predator Routine

Pick Up Artist Techniques – The Sexual Predator Routine

One of the best pick up artist techniques is to use routines. Routines help you move the conversation along in whichever direction you want it to go. One of my favorite routines is what’s called ‘the sexual predator routine.’ It goes something like this:

You say to the girl, ‘You know what? Girls are sexual predators. I’ve finally figured that out. Like, when a girl gets mad at her boyfriend, she can go out and put on her push-up bra, do her hair, do her makeup, and she can meet a guy in a couple of seconds. Only about 10 percent of guys can do what 100 percent of girls can do.

‘Plus, girls have one organ that’s for nothing but pleasure. That’s why when girls have sex, they’re like,’ (here you do your best fake orgasm routine) ‘but I’m onto you. I know what you’re doing and I don’t take it lightly.’ And then take everything she does, like crossing her legs, as a sign that she’s trying to put the moves on you.

Then, you make it into a call back. This is great because it sets the frame all night that she’s a sexual predator and she’s after.

Variations On The Sexual Predator Routine

You can mix this one up quite a bit if you want to. The main point is that you’re framing her as a sexual predator that’s after you. Meanwhile, you don’t show any sign of being after her. This creates a frame in her mind where she’s chasing you for sex and she’s cool with that.

When you’re doing it, you can talk about the differences between guys and girls. Talk about regular things girls do like flirt, and how it’s a ploy to get guys. Meanwhile, all a guy can do when he’s mad at his girlfriend is punch a door or something like that.

Take everything she does as a sign, like it’s something you’ve seen before and you’re onto her. You can also call her ‘sexual predator.’ For example, say something like, ‘I know what you’re up to, sexual predator. And it better stop!’

Keep this one really fun. As I said already, don’t try to make any moves because that will ruin the whole thing. When you’re doing pick up techniques that involve routines, it’s important to keep things focused on the task at hand. These help you to move things to the next step.

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