Plastic Surgery for Knobby Knees

Plastic Surgery for Knobby Knees

You may be happy with everything about your body – except for maybe those knobby knees that seem to stand out no matter what you do. Of course, all women are unique, interesting, and beautiful, but if you are uncomfortable with something about your body, it can change the way you carry yourself, and even the way you feel about yourself. The good news is there are solutions to changing the way different parts of your body look, including your knees. Here are just a few suggestions on how to get the look you want with your knees.

Cosmetics are a temporary solution to altering the way your knees may look, but can be a quick fix when you need to slip on a skirt, or shorts, in a hurry. There are various products on the market that slenderize the legs and can even give the legs the bronzed glow that you want. Even applying a simple moisturizer can help your legs and knees look even more beautiful and help you achieve a sleek look. If you have a lot of dead skin around your knees, consider applying an exfoliating scrub. This is a great way to soften those knees and leave them feeling and looking great.

If you’re worried about the way you look in short shorts, or skirts, try wearing a beautiful long skirt. Long skirts look great on almost any body type. Another great way to show off your legs, and to strengthen your knees, is to invest in high heels. High heels add spice to any outfit, and help strengthen your knees and calves.

When you go to the gym, you probably don’t generally think of what exercises you can do to change the way your knees look. Naturally, you will engage in cardio, strength training, and different stretching routines, but it’s possible to strengthen your knees and change the fat content around knobby knees. Consider jogging, jump roping, and stair climbing to strengthen and tone the knees. Not only will the muscles around your knees tighten, but you will lose weight in other areas of the body. For an added benefit to strengthening those knees, add lunges and squats to your routine. If you are used to exercising outside, take up a fun sport like water skiing, skating, or snow skiing. You’ll start to feel the changes take place in your knee muscles immediately.

In the event that you are still unhappy with the way that your knees look, feel free to contact your plastic surgeon to learn about surgical options for improving the appearance of knobby knees. Your plastic surgeon may recommend liposuction to get rid of excess fatty tissue around the knees. This is a great way to change the way your knees look; however, it won’t help you build muscles. Keep in mind that when you do get rid of the fat around your knees with plastic surgery, it’s important to continue to engage in exercise to help strengthen the muscles around your knees.

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