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Feeling wild? Discovery Channel makeup collection now available in the Philippines
Kathleen A. Llemit ( – February 4, 2021 – 2:08pm

MANILA, Philippines — Want to look as fierce as a wolf or level up your cat eye game? 

Discovery Channel’s collaboration makeup collection with international cosmetics label Perfect Diary is now available in the Philippines via e-commerce site Shopee.

Perfect Diary recently collaborated with iconic educational channels Discovery and National Geographic to come up with eye palettes inspired by the animals featured in the channels.

In March 2019, inspired by wildlife’s eyes, the brand collaborated with Discovery Channel to create 12-shade Explorer eyeshadow palettes series under the theme “Catch What I See,” which has become a representative masterpiece of the brand. All shades are bold and bright, in tune with the fierce creatures they took inspiration from like the wolf, tiger, crocodile, tiger, giant panda and red panda.

Meanwhile, the National Geographic Channel collaboration resulted to 16-color eyeshadow discs.


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LIST: 8 minimalist watches to add to your collection
( – February 3, 2021 – 5:40pm

MANILA, Philippines — In these unprecedented times, the minimalist aesthetic could be just what you need for your mind and spirit. It strips down all the enhancements to focus on what’s essential.

Minimalist watches are simple and elegant without compromising on functionality—even without the bulky buttons, confusing dials and oversized straps. All that’s left are clean lines and an easy to read display that does exactly what a watch should: tell time.

Filipino watch brand LEUPP is a purveyor of sleek, minimalist watches for men and women. Each piece is a fine addition to any collection. Here are eight of our favorites.

1. Kubo

At just 7mm thickness and 38mm case size, it’s the slimmer and smaller version of the cult classic Kubo timepiece. The asymmetrical winder gives it a playful and unexpected flourish.

Kubo is available in Midnight, Umber and Black/Tan.


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Couture Fashion Week Exclusive: Daniel Roseberry On His New Schiaparelli Collection & Lady Gaga’s Inauguration Dress

He also took inspiration from Elsa Schiaparelli’s original wooden mannequins, a girl and a boy “she loved so much she gave them a wedding ceremony,” he says, to create anatomic bustiers in leather. Kim Kardashian was the first to wear a green rendition of this style for her Christmas party.

Elsewhere, Roseberry wanted to inject a cool-casualness to couture, continuing to innovate on materials by using a denim treatment over duchess satin to create a suede-like fabric, and designing exaggerated hoodies, pieces tailored to rockstars and discerning editors alike. “It’s a privilege to make couture for people who make culture,” he says.

A neck-to-toe embellished piece that is revealed to be made in a stretch-knit fabric understandably required the most extensive hours. 

Roseberry recently made headlines for dressing Lady Gaga for the inauguration ceremony. Of the experience he said: “It was actually quite last minute and we didn’t know

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Precious Lee Models Area’s Spring 2021 Couture Collection

Area always gets us excited for sparkling dresses that celebrate showing skin with confidence. For the New York brand’s first couture show, designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk tapped trailblazer Precious Lee and catwalk favorite Yasmin Wijnaldum to model a body-positive, 14-look collection that can be described as sexy, fantasy couture.

“Haute Couture originally started in Paris in 1858 but looking deeper into history and tracing back to ancient civilizations, there has always been a deep connection and appreciation for craft and beauty,” Fogg and Panszczyk said in a press statement. “It’s like Haute Couture has been ingrained into our souls culturally expressed in different ways. Whether it be for religious purposes, or simply the innate need to create something beautiful.”

“With this couture collection we want to showcase our ability and dedication to creating beauty by hand. Every look in this collection has been developed over an extensive time

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Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2021 Collection

According to post-pandemic trend forecasts, 2020 has made fashion puritans of us all. Awakened by the simple life in lockdown, we are supposedly emerging with an ascetic and sensible approach to ‘investment shopping’: that classic black wool coat, that navy jumper, that comfy trouser. “But I don’t want a black coat,” Maria Grazia Chiuri said on a video call from Paris, breaking out in laughter. “I want a leopard coat!” The Christian Dior designer was in high spirits, illustrating the objective she set herself with her most animated collection to date. “Now, we desire something that gives us energy. Something completely different,” as she put it.

“After this year—so intense, so depressing—I would like to come back to the fashion that started my career: the playfulness that attracted me and my generation to fashion, and transform the Dior codes through this attitude.” For Chiuri—a child of the 1970s—those roads had

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