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Offering all ladies and men worldwide the very best of cosmetics, haircare and fragrance in terms of quality, efficacy and security. Tiongkok adalah pasar yang menarik untuk ritel fesyen karena motivasi konsumen China untuk berbelanja barang-barang fesyen unik dari Audiens Barat. 44 Demografi memiliki hubungan terbatas dengan motivasi belanja, dengan pekerjaan, pendapatan dan tingkat pendidikan tidak memiliki dampak; tidak seperti di negara barat. Pembeli jalanan di Tiongkok lebih suka petualangan dan belanja sosial, sementara pembeli online dimotivasi oleh belanja ide. Perbedaan lainnya adalah bagaimana gratifikasi dan belanja ide mempengaruhi pengeluaran lebih dari ¥ 1rb per bulan untuk barang-barang trend, dan belanja reguler dipengaruhi oleh nilai belanja.

Dunia enterteiment tentu saja menjadi faktor yang sangat besar dalam penyebar luasan development fashion ditengah masyarakat. Para selebritas yang selalu muncul diberbagai media dan menjadi idola selalu berganti mode busana mengikuti pattern style. Hal ini bisa menjadi penyebab masyarakat untuk mengikutinya. Sudah menjadi hukum … Read More

Fujian Ishine Cosmetics Launches More than 20 New Products during Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week

Its range of products includes lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, eye shadow, highlighter, contour powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, nail polish and so on.

With its R&D department located in Shanghai, Ishine Cosmetics is able to stay on top of the latest beauty trends, concepts and events, giving them an added edge when it comes to discussing with their clients about new product developments. 

The company’s manufacturing facility spans over 30 acres and has over 300 skilled workers. It is equipped with modern production plants and first-class machinery. The staff are highly trained to provide reliable and professional services.

Any inquiries about Fujian Ishine Cosmetics, please contact:

Airy Lee
Tel: 0086-186 5799 2699 / 0086-599-326 8888
Email: [email protected]

About Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week

The first-ever edition of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week has concluded successfully, creating copious business opportunities for the world’s companies and operators looking for

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10 cosmetics that can harm your skin
Various cosmetics and skin care products are widely available in stores and salons. With these products it is easier for women (and men) to achieve a healthy, smooth and beautiful skin. However, even though these products are effective, not all of these are safe.

Cosmetics are supposed to help women look beautiful, but these products are often so full of harmful synthetic chemicals that they could leave you with unsightly skin conditions. Yes, most makeup products and cosmetics are terribly harsh on your skin and numerous studies report that they are carcinogenic. Moreover, cosmetics and makeup can inhibit your skin from breathing and can harbour bacteria and help external impurities causing skin problems.

So…we give you a list of 10 cosmetic and makeup products that can cause significant harm to your skin and body – the list is by no means complete; it is just the tip of the

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Makeup artist’s horror as her kids destroy hundreds of pounds worth of cosmetics

A mum was left absolutely heartbroken after discovering what her children had been doing upstairs on New Year’s Eve.

Makeup artist Jaylynn Butler went into the bathroom to find that the kids had decided to play with her beauty products and had destroyed hundreds of pounds worth of cosmetics and skincare items – some of which hadn’t even been used yet.

Jaylynn, who lives in Wisconsin, shared the destruction in a video on TikTok, which has since gone viral.

Not only had they ruined the expensive makeup she uses as part of her business, they also caused a lot of mess in the house, pouring lotions, potions and even nail polish all over the sink and countertops and rubbing coloured eyeshadow into the carpet.

There were stains all over the carpet

In the first of two posts about the incident,

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WATCH: Kris Bernal distressed over damaged cosmetics shipped abroad

Actress and entrepreneur Kris Bernal felt deeply frustrated when she learned that her line of cosmetics shipped to the United Kingdom got damaged.

Bernal, who owns a makeup line called SHE Cosmetics, explained what happened when she shipped her products abroad in a YouTube vlog episode last Monday, Jan. 11.

“Paano ko pinapadala o paano ko tsini-check na walang damage ‘yung ipapadala ko sa inyo? Sealed po siya here on top,” she assured, showing a product sample and its packaging. “So, bago po ako magpadala ng items ay tsini-check ko po isa-isa. And then I check everything – buo, walang tunaw, walang sira, walang sign of any damage.”

(How do I ship it or how do I check for damage those that I ship it to you? It’s sealed on top. So before I send the items, I check them one by one. And then I check everything – fully,

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This cosmetics line is minimalist beauty perfected

Here’s the problem with a lot of “minimalist” or no-makeup makeup brands: They appear to have been made for bright-eyed 20-somethings whose faces have never been displayed a dark circle or wrinkle or sun spot or the myriad other fun surprises you wake up to find in your 30s and onward. What’s worse is because the natural “effortless” esthetic has emerged as the current measure of cool, any makeup offering any real coverage is now viewed as gauche — as distasteful as an Hermès-orange fake tan or flowery toe nail art.

Enter a different kind of “less is more.” Launched this week, Merit Beauty is the brainchild of Katherine Power, founder of Who What Wear and serial entrepreneur (she created Versed skin care and started “clean wine” brand Avaline with her pal Cameron Diaz). I would describe it as the grown woman’s Glossier (the It brand of cool girls). The

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