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10 cosmetics that can harm your skin
Various cosmetics and skin care products are widely available in stores and salons. With these products it is easier for women (and men) to achieve a healthy, smooth and beautiful skin. However, even though these products are effective, not all of these are safe.

Cosmetics are supposed to help women look beautiful, but these products are often so full of harmful synthetic chemicals that they could leave you with unsightly skin conditions. Yes, most makeup products and cosmetics are terribly harsh on your skin and numerous studies report that they are carcinogenic. Moreover, cosmetics and makeup can inhibit your skin from breathing and can harbour bacteria and help external impurities causing skin problems.

So…we give you a list of 10 cosmetic and makeup products that can cause significant harm to your skin and body – the list is by no means complete; it is just the tip of the

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Best facial steamer 2021: Brighten and cleanse your skin at home

Are you guilty of opening your dishwasher post-cycle (or even better, your boiling water tap) and leaning your head over the top to let the steam wash over your face? You’re not alone, and we don’t blame you. It’s the nearest thing to a spa-like experience in your own home. The old school ritual of submerging your face in warm vapours seems to have had a resurgence with online searches for facial steamers rising by 350 per cent recently. But are they really worth it?

Steamers are often regarded as pointless gadgets that don’t serve much purpose other than to give you a little pamper. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Steam opens up your pores and helps loosen any build-up of dirt for a deeper cleanse. When your pores are open, blackheads are easier to remove and therefore your skin will look clearer and more youthful.


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Kelly Rowland’s Skin Glows In Hilarious No-Makeup TikTok Video
  • Kelly Rowland, 39, just shared a makeup-free video with a hilarious pep talk.
  • The singer shared the voiceover: “A daily reminder that you the baddest bitch on the block.”
  • Kelly has previously shared her lengthy skincare routine, which includes twice daily cleansing, a “magic” retinol serum, and more.

    Kelly Rowland, 39, just shared a hilarious daily reminder for all her fans on TikTok. The singer started off with an empowering message using the sound from TikTok user @monaswain.

    In the selfie video, she lipsyncs with the audio: “A daily reminder that you the baddest bitch on the block.”

    Then, Kelly pauses for a beat before adding a disclaimer. “Not on my block though, but on your block fo sho.” She winks and smirks at the camera to wrap it up. It’s solid advice to be sure, and with that, the “queen has arrived to tiktok,” according to one

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    Does Every Makeup Brand Need a Skin Care Line? | BoF Professional, The Business of Beauty, News & Analysis

    When makeup label Hourglass quietly launched a moisturiser and serum seven years ago, the plan was never to make skin care a focus, said founder and chief executive Carisa Janes.

    But the two items have proven to be steady sellers, despite small production runs and narrower distribution than Hourglass’ main colour line. Now, with the pandemic fuelling a skin care boom, the brand is adding more products in the category, including a cleanser and an eye cream. Janes said she wants skin care to someday make up half of her company’s business.

    “We are putting as much attention and focus on skin care as we do colour cosmetics,” Janes said.

    Hourglass isn’t the only cosmetics brand vying to become a skin care authority. Cover FX entered the category earlier this month, and Winky Lux is launching 10 skin care products this week. They join Morphe via its Morphe 2 label,

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    Fashion retailer FJB bets on skin care brand Dr. Barbara Sturm in effort to diversify business

    Founded in 1959, FJB is a Singapore-listed company that represents over 20 brands such as GUESS, Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff. The company operates 169 brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Group COO Douglas Benjamin told CosmeticDesign-Asia​ that the firm has been considering diversifying its business and entering the beauty space for a few years now.

    With COVID-19’s impact on the fashion industry, 2020 seemed as good a time as any to make the leap.

    “Skin care has been touted as a big growth area in consumerism and with COVID-19, it has taken a big leap forward in terms of demand. During the lockdown [in Singapore], we got in touch with Dr, Sturm to take on the brand and introduce it into Singapore through e-commerce,”​ said Benjamin.

    Dr. Barbara Sturm, founder of the eponymous brand, is an aesthetics doctor based in Germany most well-known for developing a

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    SoftBank’s Zozo Tries on Beauty Tech With Skin Tone Scanning Glasses

    Zozo’s e-commerce site. Shutterstock.

    Japanese online fashion retailer Zozo Inc. on Friday launched skin tone measuring glasses for ordering cosmetics online, making its latest fashion tech offering as it expands beyond apparel.

    “Zozoglass”, a pair of spectacles covered with colour swatches and markers, detects skin tone when scanned with a smartphone for tailored cosmetics recommendations on Zozotown, Japan’s biggest online fashion site.

    “Traditionally in Japan you’d go to a large department store, you go to the counter and then you actually try stuff on,” Zozo’s Chief Operating Officer Masahiro Ito said in an interview.

    “We’re trying to replicate that through technology and give the consumer confidence to buy online,” he said.

    “Zozoglass”, which is available for preorder on Friday before shipping from March, will be limited to foundation initially before being expanded to cover other product lines.

    Augmented reality functionality in the online retailer’s app will allow consumers to see

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