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It’s 6 Days Until Fall, Let’s Go Vintage Sweater Shopping Shall We?

It’s no secret that vintage shopping is my favorite obsession. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding a one-of-a-kind piece that carries its own unique history—and you know no-one else will be wearing. One of my fondest childhood memories involves shuffling through racks of musty old clothes at the local secondhand store with my mother—a shopping ritual I wholly believe led to my enduring love affair with fashion (and finally lead me to create my very own Instagram-based vintage shop @hyacinth.vintage.).

So in the spirit of becoming more sustainable in our shopping habits (and with fall just six days away!), today I thought I’d share some of my favorite vintage and pre-loved sweaters I’ve been eyeing, loving, and bookmarking online. These will unquestionably have you embracing sweater weather.

Karl Lagerfeld Wool Jumper ($278)

The attached scarf adds such a luxe touch to this pre-loved designer sweater.

St. Michael

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The 3 Fall Sweater Trends You Should Know Before Shopping

Before you shop for anything—a car, a piece of furniture, or a fashion item—it’s important that you do a little research. And while I can’t help you on the auto or décor fronts, if fall clothing or accessories are on your mind, I can confidently say that team Who What Wear has you more than covered.

In the last couple weeks, we’ve written about the fall boots that are already leading the pack, the handbag trends you need to know, the basics worth buying regardless of what’s trending next season, and so much more. So what’s next on the fall fashion front? Sweaters, of course.

This year, the F/W 20 runways gave us three knitwear trends that stood out above the rest by a landslide. So if you’re getting ready to stock up, I highly suggest opting for one of the below. To see what made

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