The fashion lessons we learnt last year that have prepared us for lockdown 3

We’re officially back in a national lockdown. But before we collectively reach for the cheer-me-up chocolate, it’s worth noting that third time around, we’re all dab hands at this – particularly when it comes to getting dressed each day to stay at home. 

Having worked from home for 10 months, gone on daily walks through heatwaves and sleet, and dressed for approximately 391 Zoom calls, we’ve learnt a few fashion lessons along the way that mean we’re well prepared this time round… 

Lesson 1: Leggings are worth investing in 

Any fashion editor would advise you invest in the pieces you wear the most, plumping for the highest quality you can afford to ensure they stand the test of time. Of course, that list changed dramatically with our old-favourite handbags, boots and blazers being replaced by simple jersey separates.  

Leggings, previously saved for weekend errands, quickly took pride and joy in our daily rotation, and it became apparent that bargain, paper thin pairs were prone to tears and holes, and bobbling having been washed so frequently. Turning to them every other day now means they’ve entered our investment list. You won’t regret plumping for a comfy, sturdy and crucially, completely opaque, pair that’ll see you through lockdown 3 and beyond.