Top beauty treatments in 2022 for radiant skin and where to get them

PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

Great skin is achieved through discipline, plus a little help. The mention of aesthetics may conjure images of frozen faces, fake-looking faces and perfectly full lips akin to celebrities. But the truth is, technology has advanced tremendously, especially in the past few years. A little help from a certified dermatologist may go a long way in achieving a youthful appearance more naturally.

Beauty trends come and go. The pandemic has brought about its share of new beauty treatments given our new lifestyles. Efficacy is top of mind for those seeking beauty enhancements, as with the preference for treatments with natural-looking results. The mask mandate has brought the attention back to our eyes, while treatment for maskne, something we never heard of pre-covid, is gaining greater popularity. At the same time, weight management concerns have also arisen, no thanks to the rise in home baking as we work from home. Throw in the emphasis on self-care into the mix, and you will find that aesthetic clinics no longer function merely as a venue for treatments but also as a safe place for mind and body rejuvenation.

Yahoo Life spoke with Dr Hong Foo from one such aesthetics clinic, Bespoke Aesthetics, on the beauty trends that are here to stay in 2022, the treatments available to address common skin and body concerns, and post-treatment skincare tips. Read on for more deets, plus an exclusive promotion code for Yahoo readers.

PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

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Yahoo Life: How has COVID-19 transformed the beauty industry, and can you share some of your observations?

Dr Hong Foo: There has been a significant increase in the demand for specialised acne treatments, especially perioral acne, caused by the prolonged daily wearing of masks and bacteria build-up.

Because of the mask mandate, our eyes have become the focal point. As a result, clients seek eye care procedures, such as eye bags, dark circles and wrinkle reduction treatments.

Apart from enhancing their physical appearance, we have also observed that people are more concerned about their overall health, mental wellness and immunity issues. As a result, clients seek advice on what supplements to take and the lifestyle changes they can undertake to strengthen their overall well-being.

Which are the top 3 beauty trends that are here to stay in 2022? Why?

Natural-looking fillers: If you have been keeping tabs on beauty trends, you may have heard of Profhilo and Teosyal. These are new and advanced treatments using hyaluronic acid used in fillers and skin boosters to help achieve better-looking skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers are dissolvable and reversible, allowing for a more natural look that clients widely accept.

Medical grade skincare: With the emphasis on self-care, people have become more discerning in the type of products they choose. Effectiveness is of primal importance. People are now choosing to buy medical-grade skincare products from aesthetic clinics, such as retinoic acid and Vitamin C serums. They contain a higher concentration of active ingredients and are price-competitive to premium cosmetic versions.

Body treatments: Since working from home, people have been baking and eating more often, which inevitably lead to weight gain. People seek doctor-based body treatments for a more holistic approach to weight management and slimming, which includes a combination of treatments, diet and lifestyle programmes.

PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

What are the top beauty concerns, and which aesthetic treatments can address these issues?

Acne management and scarring: The treatments for acne and post-acne scarring include laser treatments such as CuRAS laser to treat active acne and lighten brown spots caused by acne breakouts; or oral medication in more severe cases.

Anti-ageing/Pigmentation: Clients are looking at improving skin laxity and improving hydration. Try light therapy for skin brightening and boosting collagen production.

Eye bags/Dark circles: Always seek the root cause of your skin concerns instead of looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. Eye concerns could be due to severe rhinitis, and at Bespoke Aesthetics, we address the root cause of issues before administering the procedures. Treatments include a combination of 4D Fotona laser treatment, INDIBA eye treatment, and micro-needling to help minimise the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.

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Necklines: Never, ever neglect the neck when taking care of the skin. At Bespoke Aesthetics, all our face treatments always include the neck area. These treatments include Fotona TightSculpting® and INDIBA Deep Care to prevent texture and tighten the skin on the neck. Daily, it is essential to always apply sunblock and moisturiser on and behind the neck areas.

What tips can you share on skin or body care, especially after aesthetic treatments?

Keeping the skin hydrated for best results after an aesthetic treatment is most important. Drink lots of water, and use hydrating masks on the area of treatment (for 10 to 15 minutes). Using a lotion or body oil works well as aftercare for body-based therapies. We also recommend avoiding strong sunlight for one to two weeks after laser treatments to allow the skin to regenerate.

About Dr Hong Foo

Dr Hong Foo. PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

Dr Hong Foo. PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

Most known for his impeccable skill in acne and pigmentation laser techniques, Dr Hong Foo, has performed over 80,000 laser procedures throughout his medical career. Well-accredited by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), he has performed various aesthetic procedures, ranging from cosmetic lasers to anti-wrinkle injections to dermal filler enhancement treatments. A firm believer in continuous learning, he constantly refines and adapts his techniques to ensure that he remains at the forefront of medical innovation, enabling him to deliver the best experience and results for his clients.

About Bespoke Aesthetics

PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

PHOTO: Bespoke Aesthetics

Bespoke Aesthetics specialises in personalised aesthetic treatments. Based on a holistic approach where each treatment session is specifically tailored with a combination of procedures to rectify and improve the patient’s concerns rather than a one-size-fits-all package.

The second clinic offers a wide range of Medspa treatments, a complete and holistic experience for clients’ aesthetic and wellness journeys. The equipment, devices and products used at both clinics are of medical grade and the latest in the market. Much like a private/exclusive club, Bespoke Aesthetics offers clients a relaxing environment and pampering experience, including a luxurious bathroom complete with a long bathtub for use. There’s also a members-only lounge where you can wind down with a drink before heading home.

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To make an appointment, call 6235 2262 / 9178 4289 or email [email protected].

Bespoke Aesthetics is at:

Winsland House II, Unit 01-01, 163 Penang Road Singapore 238463 and

Lanson Place Winsland, Unit 01-01, 167 Penang Road, Singapore 238462.

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