Understanding The Beauty That Wins A Man’s Heart

Understanding The Beauty That Wins A Man’s Heart

Once, I asked a guy who was madly in love with a girl, “Why are you so madly in love with this lady?” “Oh! she is very beautiful”, he said. Then, I asked him again, “what makes her very beautiful to you?” He confusingly and with a stammering voice replied,”I….I caaaan’t really tell. I am so attracted to her, but you see Theo, there is this thing like a magnetic force that compels me to be with her always. The problem is, I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes her beautiful. Oh yes!, but I know for sure that she is too beautiful. Isn’t she, Theo?” Not knowing what to say, I spontaneously replied, “That’s it, pal!”

When I was in college, I often hear my room-mates argue about the looks of their female course-mates in the room. They would always argue out saying, “Getty is beautiful”. But another will argue out, “no!, she is pretty.” Yet still, the third pal would strongly protest, “Getty is just cute, and not beautiful.” As I listened to all this confused friends, I realized that there is this common denominator in how they all see their ladies: there is this thing emanating from their ladies that seems to enchant them.

In my attempt to decode this confusing aspect of beauty, I discovered that apart from the unusual external beauty, there are so many other things ladies are endowed with which conquer the hearts of men. I was actually enlightened when I suddenly remembered what my Sunday School Tutor once said about the two wives of Jacob in the Bible. This was what he actually said, “Rachel was beautiful and well favored, but Leah was tender eyed.” I recall asking him what he or better still, the Bible meant when it says, “Leah was tender eyed.”

He patiently explained to me, “When you ask any married man or mature guy, they will attest to you the fact that beauty is vain. But there are so many other things that make people glad and happy. But aside from the striking physical beauty, there are other things which are not easily spotted that make them attractive. These are what Leah had.” “You see”, he continued, “On Saturdays, it is not the most fine looking ladies who get married. If it was just physical beauty, then these ladies would all be married long time ago.”

I have come to the realization that, what truly wins the hearts of men is the “tender eyed” qualities of women. I would like to underscore the several things that constitute the “tender eyed” nature of ladies that enchants men. By this acquisition of revealed secrets, I hope men would easily identify now, those inconspicuous things that make them “madly” love their women. Let’s go through them now!

1. Beauty emanating from the sanguine nature of a woman.
Most men are subconsciously attracted to a woman’s strength that correspond to their weakness. A woman who is sanguine by temperament is naturally easily spotted even in a crowd because she is adorable. They are loved by men because:

– they are easily befriended and they genuinely love.
– they always have a sweet spirit, easily forgiving them that hurts them, knowing well that everyone has faults and makes mistakes, and are quick to sincerely apologize when they offend others. Why wouldn’t any man like to be with such a person?
– they are full of life, exhibiting great taste for fashion, always looking good and sweet, making all men desiring to be with them.

Because of their charming nature, men feel comfortable around them. They, being sexually aggressive and usually doing the inviting, drive their men crazy.

2. Beauty emanating from the choleric nature of a woman.
By their make-things-happen nature, choleric women believe they can do whatever they set their mind to. As forceful women and very productive, they assist with the finances of the home which makes men greatly appreciate them. When they are in love with a guy, their tenacious attitude make them hold on firmly and stubbornly even when their desired guys resist or shun them, but they won’t let go, trying every romantic moves to make the men feel special and needed.

When they finally win their men’s heart, the men love them for their boldness and confidence.

3. Beauty emanating from the melancholic nature of women.
A woman who is a melancholic by temperament is truly charming. She is able to get her husband literally running home, ignoring all his friends at work just to taste her connoisseur cook. She truly understand the saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through food.” She keeps her man’s house well-organized and in a self-disciplined manner. Her beauty even enchants her man’s friends due to her wonderful hosting abilities when they do visit, making her man always gleeful just to be around her. Her extreme loyalty to her man attracts much adoration.

As a frugal woman, she spends wisely and knows how to manage money no matter how much money she has or she is given. She is superlatively romantic and her moods are as perceptible as the bright morning star. In bed, she totally prefers quality in sex life to quantity. She is an exciting and fulfilling love partner. What an inner beauty!

4. Beauty emanating from the phlegmatic nature of a woman.
The source of her beauty radiates from her following attributes:

– she is very thoughtful, always thinking about her man, what his needs may be and tries to help. Her man also tends to show her much love, care and becomes strongly intimate with her.

– her peaceful demeanor makes her home peaceful and always welcoming.

– she has her earnest passion to gratify her man by using the technique of never insisting on having things done her way.

– she upholds a deep and abiding relationship, exhibiting an attitude that say: “Man! once I am yours, I am yours for keeps.” In fact, she is truly loyal to her man. With her, a man who is in love with her hardly gets jealous when she is around other guys. He really trusts her. She has the knack to stick with a difficult and stormy relationship long after most women would have given up. She will be there even in rough times.

– she hardly gets angry and has that propensity to absorb emotional pain and still maintain her commitment in her relationship.

Throughout the tips, you would have realized that I used the strengths of the four main types of temperament to make you understand the beauty that wins a man’s heart forever. Yes, you can win your man’s heart forever, because at least one of the four beauties above is associated with any woman and it is inborn and is naturally exhibited. Therefore, women, you have what it takes to keep your men forever. Use them. Develop them. Enhance them. Do not be filled with self-pity. You have tender eyes!

Always remember: the physical beauty may attract a man to come for you, but it is the real, inner, inborn, natural beauty that keeps the man forever.

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