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Kelly Rowland’s Skin Glows In Hilarious No-Makeup TikTok Video
  • Kelly Rowland, 39, just shared a makeup-free video with a hilarious pep talk.
  • The singer shared the voiceover: “A daily reminder that you the baddest bitch on the block.”
  • Kelly has previously shared her lengthy skincare routine, which includes twice daily cleansing, a “magic” retinol serum, and more.

    Kelly Rowland, 39, just shared a hilarious daily reminder for all her fans on TikTok. The singer started off with an empowering message using the sound from TikTok user @monaswain.

    In the selfie video, she lipsyncs with the audio: “A daily reminder that you the baddest bitch on the block.”

    Then, Kelly pauses for a beat before adding a disclaimer. “Not on my block though, but on your block fo sho.” She winks and smirks at the camera to wrap it up. It’s solid advice to be sure, and with that, the “queen has arrived to tiktok,” according to one

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    Watching makeup tutorials made me feel confident wearing less makeup

    When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable’s series I learned it on the internet.

    The first time I wore liquid foundation, I smeared it all over my face like it was moisturizer. I was on spring break my freshman year of high school and my best friend was giving me a makeup lesson. I regularly wore eye makeup, but was clueless about the rest of my face. 

    My friend and I stood in front of the mirror, using our hands to apply the cheap foundation, then brushing loose powder over our faces.

    Now, obviously, the application method was inexpert. But as someone who has struggled with acne, seeing it covered up was a game changer for me. In addition to bad skin, I also have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows, so I’ve always felt

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    The Unexpected Inspiration Behind the Beauty Looks in Wonder Woman 1984? Cindy Crawford

    Gal Gadot has admitted in previous interviews that her fashion choices in Wonder Woman 1984 weren’t as ’80s-themed as they could’ve been, but her makeup is an obvious reflection of the decade the film is paying homage to. What’s even better is that, according to the actress’s makeup artist Sarah Brock, most of the beauty looks seen throughout the film take inspiration from one of the decade’s most iconic supermodels: Cindy Crawford.

    “There’s no doubt that the ’80s [were]about bold, bright, and dramatic trends, which is showcased amazingly throughout Wonder Woman 1984 with bold, bright makeup colors,” Brock told POPSUGAR. “There was also the trend of the tanned, golden, glamorous, healthy looking supermodels – in particular Cindy Crawford – whose big brows, golden, tanned, healthy makeup looks perfectly complemented [Gadot’s] features, gorgeous big hair, and sophisticated costumes.”

    In most scenes in WW84, Gadot can be seen wearing

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    China makeup ad pulled for ‘victim-blaming’ | China News

    Advertisement for cosmetics wipes linking a woman’s appearance to the likelihood of assault is taken down.

    A Chinese advertisement for makeup wipes that linked a woman’s appearance to the likelihood of assault has been taken down and the company forced to apologise after a backlash over “victim-blaming”.

    The advertisement, released last week by Chinese cotton products manufacturer Purcotton, showed a woman walking home at night followed by a male stalker.

    As he gains on her, she hurriedly removes her makeup using the wipes. As the assailant grabs her from behind, the woman turns to show him her now makeup-free face, scaring off the would-be attacker with her natural complexion.

    The advertisement was widely panned on Chinese social media as users on the Twitter-like service Weibo complained it made light of a serious issue and vowed to boycott the brand’s products.

    “Isn’t this simply insulting the female sex? Making an advert

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    How the Hairstylist and Makeup Artist for ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ Refined a “Homemade, Jittery, Imperfect” Look for Viola Davis’ Portrayal

    Using sweat and a baked horsehair wig, the actress transforms into the Mother of the Blues singer for a scorching and heated recording session.

    Viola Davis literally melts into the title role of the blues singer in Netflix’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, a film adaptation of the August Wilson play. Her visage, drenched in sweat and rouge and topped with a wiry wig, becomes one of the most searing images of the film. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the masterminds — makeup artist Sergio Lopez-Rivera and hairstylist Mia Neal — behind Davis’ transformation into the legendary Ma Rainey about the challenges of bringing the larger-than-life Mother of the Blues to the screen.

    What inspiration helped you decide on Ma Rainey’s look?

    Sergio Lopez-Rivera There’s not that much photographic evidence of Ma Rainey, at least not in the way that would tell you

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    This cosmetics line is minimalist beauty perfected

    Here’s the problem with a lot of “minimalist” or no-makeup makeup brands: They appear to have been made for bright-eyed 20-somethings whose faces have never been displayed a dark circle or wrinkle or sun spot or the myriad other fun surprises you wake up to find in your 30s and onward. What’s worse is because the natural “effortless” esthetic has emerged as the current measure of cool, any makeup offering any real coverage is now viewed as gauche — as distasteful as an Hermès-orange fake tan or flowery toe nail art.

    Enter a different kind of “less is more.” Launched this week, Merit Beauty is the brainchild of Katherine Power, founder of Who What Wear and serial entrepreneur (she created Versed skin care and started “clean wine” brand Avaline with her pal Cameron Diaz). I would describe it as the grown woman’s Glossier (the It brand of cool girls). The

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