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This woman entrepreneur’s startup lets customers customise their vegan makeup products

Around seven years ago, Sabrina Suhail, a makeup artist was taken aback when one of her clients asked if any of the products contain animal ingredients. Although an animal lover, Sabrina had never considered the makeup industry would have anything to do with animals. 

Usually prepared for any questions her clients may have, Sabrina went back and studied the ingredients.

“When I looked in-depth into the ingredients, I realised that brands use chemical names which people believe are just a chemical and don’t know that it is extracted from a certain animal. It was quite shocking to me as to why they would use animal products when plants can make good ingredients too,” she tells HerStory. Sabrina says her academic background in chemistry and botany helped in understanding the industry better.

After 15 years of working as a makeup artist, Sabrina Suhail decided to start a cosmetic brand in

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