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Why you need to know about alterations app Sojo

Fashion feels different at the moment. With virtual fashion shows, a non-existent red carpet season and no real need to wear anything other than loungewear, our relationship with style has shifted. The pandemic has forced us to look at the industry a little differently and has allowed us the space to rethink some of the old habits we got so used to.

Can we be greener when it comes to fashion? What does it actually mean to be sustainable with shopping? Do these small changes really make a difference? While looking after the environment feels like a responsibility far greater than the individual, it’s never been more important that we all play a part.

It starts with your existing wardrobe. We all know that renting our clothes and contributing to the circular economy is great; we know that buying secondhand and supporting sustainable brands is favourable over fast

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Lohri 2021: Stylish Lohri outfits
Bollywood movie Veer Zara’s popular song ‘Lo Aa Gayi Lohri Ve’ has always been the most favourite number of all the Punjabi people out there, as the winter folk festival is indeed one of the most heartwarming festivals celerated in the country. It’s a festival when family, friends and relatives get-together at a commonplace and dance and sing around the bonfire. Lohri is always incomplete without having rewari, gajak, dancing to bhangra beats, gidda and of course, dressing up in Punjabi outfits and those fancy juttis.

If you wondering how to dress up for this dhamakedaar night, we have got you covered. We got in touch with Designer Bharat Ahuja of label, Desire Design Studio to help us list down some amazing tips and tricks to make you look your festive best today.

Solid colour Pathani with kurta
This classic combo will surely make you look dapper and suave. If

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the best new face masks and how to wear them

We’ve been donning the number one accessory of 2020 for months now and with cases skyrocketing nationwide, it looks like we’ll be continuing to keep our faces covered for the foreseeable.

Remembering to wear a mask can be tiring, but it’s never been more important. In one recent CDC study that looked at patients who developed Covid-19 symptoms, the transmission of the virus within their household and close contacts was reduced by 79% when face coverings were worn.

So we’ve rounded up the best hacks and tips to make sure you’re protected, while not having to sacrifice fashion along the way.

What to look for 

Masks are widely available, now being sold in your local supermarket and discount store, but it’s important to make sure you’re buying one that has the right protection.

The World Health Organisation recommends that masks contain three layers: an absorbent inner lining, a middle filtration

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NYE ‘Signatures’ Style

The year 2020 has been anything but ordinary, so making it to the finish line calls for celebration! Reason enough, we reckon, to really get dressed up! New Year’s Eve parties have gone in a different direction this year, but just because you won’t be heading out to your fave shindig doesn’t mean you should wear the same sweats and T-shirt you’ve been rocking all year.

After all, we’re approaching 2021 with renewed optimism — and the hope that things can only get better, right!??

So wiggle into your most fabulous sequinned-covered cocktail dress, pop open the bubbly, plate a few snacks, and usher in the new year at home in style.

Tuesday Style Fashion (TSF) shares looks that are cosy enough for lockdown, but chic enough for the ‘gram.

Grab last minute looks at Signatures Boutique, Unit 9, Lee Gore Business Centre, 31 Upper Waterloo Rd, Kingston. Or

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Dillard’s strong performance giving hope to Daytona’s Volusia Mall

DAYTONA BEACH — Recent news that Macy’s will close its longtime department store at Volusia Mall by the end of April has fueled speculation that the enclosed shopping center’s days could be numbered.

“Guess the Volusia Mall is going out of business,” wrote Tim Lauxman in a comment posted on The News-Journal’s Developing Daytona Beach Facebook group page.

Another reader, James Stropnik, wrote: “I predict Volusia Mall will be a ghost town in less than a year.”

Despite those dire predictions, there is a big reason for hope that rumors of Volusia Mall’s death may be premature. Make that three of them.

Namely, the astonishingly strong performance as of last of Dillard’s Inc., the Little Rock, Arkansas-based department store chain that operates not one, but three locations at Volusia Mall.

Dillard’s in its most recent quarterly earnings report stated that its net income jumped nearly six-fold year-over-year to $31.9 million

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Feeling wild? Discovery Channel makeup collection now available in the Philippines
Kathleen A. Llemit (Philstar.com) – February 4, 2021 – 2:08pm

MANILA, Philippines — Want to look as fierce as a wolf or level up your cat eye game? 

Discovery Channel’s collaboration makeup collection with international cosmetics label Perfect Diary is now available in the Philippines via e-commerce site Shopee.

Perfect Diary recently collaborated with iconic educational channels Discovery and National Geographic to come up with eye palettes inspired by the animals featured in the channels.

In March 2019, inspired by wildlife’s eyes, the brand collaborated with Discovery Channel to create 12-shade Explorer eyeshadow palettes series under the theme “Catch What I See,” which has become a representative masterpiece of the brand. All shades are bold and bright, in tune with the fierce creatures they took inspiration from like the wolf, tiger, crocodile, tiger, giant panda and red panda.

Meanwhile, the National Geographic Channel collaboration resulted to 16-color eyeshadow discs.


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